How to Find the Best Toothbrush

Do you think it’s time to replace your old toothbrush? If yes, your choice of toothbrush will be part of your daily oral care routine. It’s thus advisable that you go for the best toothbrush option in the market.

A fun fact about bristle toothbrushes is that they didn’t exist before until they were invented in 1948. Since then, better toothbrush options have been developed, focusing on better oral care. Today, oral hygiene is paramount, and to support it, you need an excellent toothbrush.

Having an amazing toothbrush alleviates the probability of dental problems. However, choosing the best option isn’t easy, citing the variety of options available. Go through the options before deciding since your choice affects your health.

Wondering how to find a toothbrush that’s both safe and effective? Worry not! Here are tips on how to find the best toothbrush.

Decide on Manual Vs. Electric Toothbrushes

The debate of Manual Vs. Electric toothbrushes have been around for a long time with each side justifying their allegiance. The truth, however, is that both of the options are an excellent fit for your oral health. It all depends on how you use them.

Teeth brushing is a sensitive topic, and you should thus make up your mind about what you want. To decide on manual vs. electric toothbrushes, here are a few things to look at;


A major comparison point is the price of manual and electric toothbrushes. Electric options are expensive compared to manual toothbrushes citing their functionality.

Besides their initial cost, they need part replacements often to function correctly. Such maintenance makes the electric toothbrushes quite pricey. Compared to manual toothbrushes, which need no maintenance, electric toothbrushes are expensive.


The recommended amount of time to brush your teeth is two minutes. You’ll thus need a toothbrush that you’re comfortable using for the whole period.

Some people can’t stand the vibrations in electric toothbrushes, so they cheat time. As a result, they’re not practical for cleaning teeth in such a case.

Consider toothbrushes that you’re comfortable using to ensure better dental health.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Efficiency is what electric toothbrushes are popular for. Their mechanism involves turning the bristles back and forth for a complete clean.

The rotation and agility get bristles to hidden areas ensuring they do away with plaque. However, that doesn’t mean that manual toothbrushes are way off; they’re also fit for purpose.


Safety is vital, and electric toothbrushes present more risks than manual options. It also depends on who’s using the toothbrush since you can’t trust kids with electric toothbrushes. Consult a dentist if you’re unsure about any safety concerns.

Check ADA Approval

Is the toothbrush option you pick ADA approved? The ADA seal of approval is crucial to ascertain the toothbrush is safe for your use.

The American Dental Association (ADA) conducts tests for quality control on toothbrushes. Their mandate is to offer a safety guarantee and ensure they clean teeth effectively. As a result, an ADA seal is the ultimate mark of quality you have to check out.

The governmental controls on toothbrushes need fulfilling before hitting the market. You’ll thus enjoy dental care benefits by using that specific toothbrush. An ADA-approved toothbrush hinders plaque build-up and gum disease development if properly used.

Consider the Right Toothbrush Head

The toothbrush head helps determine the type of toothbrush you choose. Choosing the right head equates to proper oral health since it affects how it reaches all your teeth.

The head is the part of the toothbrush with bristles, meaning it’s useful for a clean mouth. Unfortunately, several different types of brush heads make it challenging to choose one. You’ll need to go through the options to make a decision.

Here are some specialized brush head types;

Compact and Full Size

Compact toothbrushes have smaller heads and fewer bristles than full-size options. You could choose compact options if you’ve got a smaller mouth.


On these toothbrushes, the head is tilted at an angle to reach the insides of your teeth better. Angled toothbrushes can reach areas with tartar build-up easier than the standard option.

Whitening Brush Heads

These brushes are less popular, but they feature a polishing cup to remove surface stains. As a result, they’re great for whitening teeth without causing damage to your enamel.

Look For an Ergonomic Handle

The toothbrush handle, although mainly overlooked, holds great importance for toothbrush usability. Go for an ergonomic handle to ensure the toothbrush fits well in your hand when brushing.

The common types of toothbrush handles are;

  • Non-slip grip
  • Flexible neck handle

Select an Ideal Bristle Type

Do you know that the bristle type you choose determines your brushing experience? Well, you’ll have to select an ideal bristle type to make teeth brushing comfortable.

Dental professionals will agree a soft-bristled toothbrush is ideal for your oral health. Soft bristles will clean your teeth while ensuring you don’t harm yourself.

Be careful not to go for excessively soft bristles since they’ll not be sturdy enough to remove plaque. When buying a toothbrush, check for rounded bristles since they’re gentler on the crown and gum. An uneven height of the bristles will also do an excellent job of reaching in between teeth.

You could also go to a dentist for recommendations on the best bristle type for your teeth.

Consider Adult or Kids Toothbrushes

Your family’s oral health is paramount, meaning you should address everyone’s wants. You should thus discern between the right toothbrush for kids and adults.

Adult toothbrushes are bigger, featuring bristles that can be hard on children’s gums. It’s thus a bad idea to use adult toothbrushes on kids.

Fortunately, child-size brushes are available in the market, featuring soft bristles. They also come in a variety of colors and unique shapes. Letting your child choose among those options connects them with their oral health.

You Now Know How to Find the Best Toothbrush

Finding the right toothbrush type is critical for maintaining oral health. Choosing the best toothbrush for you and your family doesn’t always have to be challenging. Consider the above tips on how to find the best toothbrush.

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