How To Rent A Bounce House?

Parents often fail to decide where to begin while planning birthday parties for their kids. There is a wide array of ideas and options that parents can choose from. Of all the options available, disney bounce house rentals seem to be a popular and preferred option among modern, young parents. To make the bounce house party safe, fun, and exciting, some aspects must be considered.

Picking the time and date

The first thing that a parent needs to carry out is to select a date to host the party. Most vendors have a restricted supply of Disney bounce houses and a tight delivery schedule. Thus, picking the date and time allows the bounce house vendor to ascertain the availability. There is another advantage of picking a date and time in advance. The parents get the time to send out invitations and make arrangements for the grand birthday party.

Selecting a location

Having a clear idea of the location to set up a bounce house is critical to the success of the birthday party. Companies offering disney bounce house rentals have policies and limitations on installing inflatable houses. When one is not planning to install the bounce house at home, the vendor must be notified of the location. Often special permissions are required to install inflatables and hold a party.

For instance, when someone plans to host a party for kids using a bounce house in a public park, the inflatable rental company needs to involve extra staff and insurance. Different surfaces demand specific materials and supplies to secure the bounce house properly. When the location is decided from the beginning, the bounce house assures the highest safety for the guests of the party. Furthermore, it also gives a proper estimation of the expense.

Choosing a vendor

Depending on one’s location, he/she will come across various bounce house rental service providers. When one picks a bounce house vendor, most people make the mistake of considering only the price. Several other aspects must be taken into consideration while selecting a vendor. Insurance, safety, and reputation are critical factors of any picked vendor.

A reputed and legitimate bounce house rental company ensures that all its equipment and supplies are insured and checked by the relevant state safety department. This is just one aspect that must be practiced seriously. But inspection doesn’t necessarily assure that the inflatable company can function safely. A reputed inflatable company that offers disney bounce house rentals hire employees based on running strict background checks. Furthermore, the employees are trained to handle and install inflatables safely. The parents planning to consider a bounce house for their kids shouldn’t shy away from asking questions concerning the operation, installation, and others. This is because the safety of children and participants is paramount.

Assessing power and space demands

Different bounce houses have distinct sizes and shapes. It is necessary to assess with the vendor how much space is needed. It is desirable to have more space than the real inflatable. There must be adequate room for the entrance. Additionally, the sides of the bounce house shouldn’t rub against a bush, fence, or others.

The individual renting the Disney bounce house must also be aware of the number of power circuits used. The majority of the standard or basic bounce houses demand only one circuit of power. Depending on the size of the bounce house, the number of power circuits is considered. For instance, if the bounce house is large, it requires multiple power circuits.

It is vital to understand that a circuit in an inflatable house is not a single outlet. It consists of a combo of multiple outlets on a similar breaker. Furthermore, one must ensure that other equipment is not run on the same power circuit. Messing with the power circuits is never a good idea and can ruin the party.


Bounce houses are accessible in various shapes, sizes, themes, and colors. The Disney theme seems to be a popular choice among kids. Thus, parents also don’t mind investing in the disney bounce house rentals. Once everything is decided, it is better to confirm, make a booking payment and rent the inflatable house for the party.

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