Six reasons to contact an employment attorney in Seattle

As Washington is an at-fault employment state, employers have the right to fire employees at will. However, employees also have certain rights. While we hope you don’t have to deal with work-related issues that require legal help, such cases are way too common. Below, we have enlisted six reasons to get an employment attorney in Seattle today

  1. You have been wrongfully fired: If you were fired from your job because of your age, religion, disability, sex, or race, you can take action. Wrongful termination could be related to other issues, including whistleblowing activities and retaliation. Talk to an attorney immediately to know the next steps.
  2. You have wage disputes: You deserve to get paid according to the standard norms, and if you have worked overtime, your employer should pay you accordingly. If you have wage and hour disputes, you should meet a lawyer to learn how to recover the due money.
  3. You have a severance package: Your employer may offer you a severance package after firing you, which will mention the financial compensation and other benefits you would get after leaving the job. Don’t sign that unless an attorney reviews it for you.
  4. You have suffered sexual harassment: Harassment from seniors or colleagues can be hard to deal with, but nothing compares to sexual harassment. Whether it is a case of asking for sexual favors or passing lewd comments, you must take legal steps after seeking advice from an attorney.
  5. You have an employment contract: You should also meet an attorney before you sign a contract for your new job. Some terms and conditions often need to be more transparent, and if you decide without understanding the ramifications, you may have a challenging time later.
  6. You suffer discrimination at work: Whether it is about denying a promotion because of someone’s marital status or discriminating based on age, religion, sex, or race, it is essential to report that. Discrimination lawsuits are often complex to deal with and require solid evidence, and if you don’t know how to handle the situation, let an attorney guide you further.

Employment lawyers in Seattle may take an hourly rate, a contingency fee, or choose a hybrid structure. A lot depends on whether there is scope to recover financial compensation. Make sure you are aware of the payment details in advance. Also, choose an attorney who has worked extensively for employees and has no conflict of interest.

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