Large Pores on Your Face

The problem of large pores, pores that are not tightened, is a troubling problem for young people, young women, or many people. Large pores are often found on the forehead, nose and cheeks in people with oily skin, combination skin, because when the skin produces too much oil in addition to making the face oily. looks dull also make the pores larger face is not smooth These problems are problems that many of you are very worried about. In addition to having a chance to cause clogged acne or inflammatory acne following It also results in a lack of confidence as well. We offer alternatives to tighten pores. oil control Restore smoothness and clarity to your skin.

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Causes of enlarged pores

  1. Excessive oil generation which is too much oil or this excess oil correlated with enlarged pore size due to the secretion of excess oil causing the skin around the hair follicles to expand especially the pores on the face causing problems with enlarged pores Or during hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle is the period of ovulation in women to stimulate the work of the oil glands. resulting in increased oil production Therefore, women in that period will have problems with it. and enlarged pores
  2. The elasticity of the skin around the follicles is reduced by the elasticity, or simply as you get older. together with exposure to sunlight Will cause the skin to deteriorate, collagen and elastin are reduced there. causing the pores to be pulled down The skin does not look sagging, tight, not tight, causing large pores. An uneven face can follow.
  3. The hair is large and thick. This problem is often taken care of by doing laser hair removal. Because the problem is not caused by excess oil or the elasticity of the skin around the pores.

Although there is currently no conclusive evidence that acne is associated with enlarged pores. but there is an opportunity to be related to each other due to When the face drives out excess oil. If not taking care of the skin around the pores or lack of proper oil balance on the face in the long run In addition to the problem of large pores not tightened Can result in oil on the face to condense with dust. including cosmetics can cause clogging of the skin. clogged acne Inflammatory acne can follow, therefore, holistic long-term proper skin care and reduction of the likelihood of enlarged pores It is important to have healthy skin. Sustainably reduce the problem of enlarged pores.

10 tips to help tighten pores

To take care of the problem of large pores. Choosing the right skin care products This is one method that is very necessary. Because skin care products have specific properties. It will help reduce the problem of enlarged pores. Therefore, when the problem of enlarged pores is reduced Some people who have lost their confidence from the uneven face do not want to reveal beautiful skin If choosing the right product or behaving Take proper care of your skin. These problems tend to be reduced. Here are 10 tips for choosing the right products. Other care for those who have large pores problems are as follows.

  1. Products that do not cause clogging. Choose Oil-free and Water-based products because if the product contains a lot of oil, there is a chance that the problem of enlarged pores will increase.

2, Choose a face wash or cleanser that is a gel form. Do not choose formulas that are very moist. Including choosing skin care products that are gentle. Does not cause irritation to the skin.

  1. Scrubbing, scrubbing the face, squeezing, touching the skin with large pores problem. May cause irritation easily. Makes the skin on the scrubbed or scrubbed too dry. and the more it stimulates the hair follicles to cause irritation Pores can be enlarged even more. If desired, it should not be more than 2 times a week.
  2. For those with oily skin have large pores Using toner or lotion after cleansing the face. It’s another necessary tip. It must have the ability to adjust the pH and skin condition to be appropriate. oil balance and contains ingredients that help tighten pores Prepare the skin before other treatments. for better absorption into the skin
  3. Skin care products or creams contain Salicylic Acid, or as many people know as BHA, as well as contain substances that help tighten pores. Makes the face look smoother
  4. Using Retinyl Palmitate, which is suitable for people with oily skin, a little acne, not firm face. as well as having problems with large pores that are of concern
  5. Apply sunscreen every day because sunlight is the main factor that destroys the skin, especially collagen and elastin, causing the face to lose flexibility. face doesn’t look tight Not tightening, causing large pores to follow easily.
  6. Clean makeup thoroughly before going to bed every day. Because if you don’t take care of your skin thoroughly, it causes the oil to condense with your makeup. resulting in the problem of pimples Inflammatory acne can follow.
  7. Avoid foods that are high in oil, such as fried, oily, or foods with a high glycimic index (glycemic index is a measure of the bioavailability of food. which has resulted in increased blood sugar levels in various foods, studies have shown that foods with such high will have a chance to cause acne problems)
  8. Exercise regularly – to reduce stress, by doing favorite hobbies.

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