How To Sell Ringtones On iTunes (and Earn Money)

If you’re a social influencer and creator who has a huge fan base on the social media platform, then you can try a step further from videos and catchy phrases to put music on Apple Music. You can make more of your content and create income for yourself. You can sell and share your music in the form of text tones, alarms, and ringtones on iTunes. Fans and all iPhone fans will live the unique and fresh music which is different from their old music store. 

You can create your content and get paid from MusicDigi. MusicDigi is a music distributor that helps artists and influencers to sell their audio and video content as text, alarm, ringtone, music (solo and album), etc. on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, TikTok, Spotify, etc. they will help you to optimize your tones and help you to raise income. 

Reasons to sell Ringtone 

The sale of ringtones exposes your music to a whole new set of listeners. Furthermore, it assists you in generating income during this process. Music is transferred to iTunes using a digital music and ringtone distribution service that converts audio into ringtones.

There are numerous reasons why a musician might need to sell ringtones to develop their services.

  • Ringtones are a common way to transmit a brief glimpse of your music to new fans all around the world. It’s frequently a good option for people who haven’t yet recorded a single or a full album.
  • Selling ringtones is also a viable option for individuals who already have singles or albums. It is an effective promotional strategy for music because it will aid in increasing music sales and assisting them in establishing themselves in the industry.

But do you know how to sell ringtones online on iTunes?

You should have ringtones to transfer or upload online. 

You’ll see a lot of short clips when you first visit the online store, which will provide customers with a lot of options to choose from. If you are making ringtones from someone’s music, you need to seek marketing rights from the artist. To generate strong demand for your ringtones, it is recommended that you provide high-quality and original content to your clients.

If you don’t have the rights, you might want to consider producing your ringtones. You can sell your music online to major music stores and streaming platforms like Apple Music, TikTok, and Spotify through online music distributors.

After you’ve created your content collection, you’ll set up your online store and sell music online.

The utilization of a consolidated e-commerce platform can help you launch a successful business. This integrates useful vendor features with payment process tools, resulting in instantaneous transfer distribution to customers. This gives you more time to create new ringtones, publicize your business, and increase new sales.

There are millions of active users on iTunes. As a result, it is one of the most popular online music stores in the world. Fans will be able to listen to your music more easily if you sell the EP/album on this site. You can either upload it directly if you have an account ID, otherwise, you can seek the help of a music distributor. They deposit 100% of the funds directly into the user’s account. 

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