How to Spot Unsafe Casino Websites in 2022

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular around the world, but they are especially popular in Japan. A large number of new online casinos have sprung up to serve the growing Japanese gambling market.

However, It’s always a good idea to double-check a few things before creating an account at a new online casino site. As a player, you should not have to be concerned about your safety or legal status when participating in online casino games. Even if you’ve already signed up for a casino, it’s best to keep an eye out for scam websites.

Our author Narimi Murayama, a casino expert, states that オンラインカジノ 日本語は、以下の方法で安全かどうかを確認できます.

No Valid Casino Licenses

It is illegal to operate a casino website if it does not comply with legal requirements. Sites like these are particularly hazardous since they are not covered by legal and regulatory oversight.

All secure casino sites must adhere to legal requirements regarding payouts, data processing, payment methods, and player protection. In addition, they need to be licensed to operate a gambling establishment. Unsafe and, in many cases, illegal are those who do not match these criteria.

Checking a casino’s licenses and authenticity is as simple as scrolling down the home page. At the bottom of each casino’s homepage, you’ll find links to pertinent gambling commissions and software providers. Check out these links to discover if your selected casino site has been verified by the relevant bodies.

No ID Checks or Global Payment Options

When you sign up for an online casino, you’ll be asked for your name, address, age, and financial information. However, unsafe casinos may seek to exploit this important knowledge for fraudulent reasons.

You can tell if a casino is risky if you aren’t asked for identification upon visiting. If a casino doesn’t ask for ID verification when you sign up, it’s a big red flag and should be avoided.

If you’re looking at an online casino site that accepts credit card payments, be careful to check if there are any rules on this in your state or country. You may be required to use a debit card linked to your bank account or an e-wallet when you play at a casino. In many countries, bank payments and wire transfers are also accepted modes of payment.

Payout Fraud Reputation

If an online casino is regulated, your chances of recouping funds lost through deception are pretty low. Payout fraud is one of the main threats of any unlawful site without license.

In certain cases, it might be difficult to identify these unregulated sites, which is where online reviews come into play. If a casino takes advantage of its consumers, it won’t take long for it to get a poor reputation, and one of the easiest methods to uncover a risky casino is through customer feedback.

It’s always a good idea to check out customer reviews before deciding on an online casino. If players are reporting that their accounts have been emptied or that their withdrawals have gone missing, then the betting site in question is untrustworthy.

Poor or No Reviews

The internet is a fantastic resource for getting feedback from others. That is to say; if you Google the name of a reputable casino, you will come up with many positive reviews. You need to pay attention to this. You should stay away from a website that has a lot of unfavorable reviews. If a website has no reviews yet and attracts you with too generous bonuses (that are way too good to be true), the best course of action is to hold off on playing there until you receive some feedback first. This will give you peace of mind.

Constant Glitching

You can tell if an online casino is unreliable if the games don’t function properly, the pages don’t load, and the help links are absent. This may well be the case if the site doesn’t have the attention and financial backing required to fulfill its legal requirements.

When making your decision on a casino, keep in mind that you deserve nothing less than the best. If there is constant glitching or something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to look for a new, legitimate casino!

No Customer Service

This is a significant warning sign that you’re dealing with an unsafe online casino. All casinos are required by law to provide some kind of customer service, and the best go above and beyond by offering a variety of ways to get in touch with operators. Live chat, phone lines, and email are all ways to get in touch with customer care when playing at an online casino. Having a 24-hour helpline is a must for a safe gambling site.

The absence of customer service or contact information from a casino is a strong indication that the business does not meet industry standards.


Although spotting unlawful gambling sites is not always simple, the tips provided above will assist you in staying cautious.

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