How To Transform Your Home Into A New York Loft That Makes You Smile

In recent times, urban lofts have gained a lot of popularity in terms of interior design and living. So what is it about lofts that make them so desirable? Lofts combine the subtle industrial aura with the cosmopolitan lifestyle and create the wonderful fusion of rugged and contemporary styles. They have distinct architectural and aesthetic features since their base is an industrial building. They have a certain charm with their open spaces, exposed brick walls and heavy wooden flooring. NYC style lofts are an upcoming interior design trend and here’s how you can transform your home into one!

1.Open Plan 

NYC style lofts embrace an open floor plan with minimal use of walls. There is no division of rooms and it is a cohesive and strategic layout. Furniture is placed in such a way that one room merges into another. One way to make your home look like a NYC style loft is to have an open kitchen. Not only is it great for entertaining but it is easy to maintain. Having stainless steel furniture in the kitchen will give it the edge that you are looking for. 

2.Have a Distinctive Bedroom 

Keeping the bedroom minimal is key and having stripped windows with a lot of natural sunlight coming in will lend your room an industrial style look. Make your bedroom furniture the feature elements in your design plan. The soft furnishings on the bed like accent pillows and throws add a decorative element and soften the space. The key is to keep the space minimal with only functional furniture and lighting. Check out double bed prices here. 

3.Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral tones are the best backdrop for NYC loft interior design. This offers a clean and minimalistic look, and serves as a blank canvas for any other design elements that you might want to add. Palettes that include white, gray, and black are very common and recommended by experts. Furthermore, layers of darker colors add to the masculine and moody feel. Personality comes in the form of bold colors used in accents like art, rugs, and throw pillows. 

4 Use Salvaged Objects

Industrial style does a good job of balancing old and new. While keeping the space clutter-free, furniture and decor selection is a practice of finding pieces that are functional and resonate with your personality. For instance, combine modern items with vintage parts to give your home an added layer of personality. Decorate with distressed leather, abstract art, and salvaged factory parts. Above all, just remember to keep a focus on minimalism.  

There are many ways to achieve the New York loft decorating style in your home to make it look more expansive and give it a rugged industrial look. Just remember to incorporate styles that will match with the type of house you live in. 

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