Even when all the magazines announce the return of the flare because it is good about her that one speaks, but Anglicized it makes immediately more fashion), in the facts, the hegemony of the slim endures in the streets since we have lost the habit of wearing anything other than tight pants and our eye does not see many inspiring flare legging silhouettes, we often lack inspiration when it comes to slipping into these pants. First, I’ll give you some tips on choosing the one that will make you look good. In a second, ideas to wear with!

  1. How to choose your ideal flare?

Attention, “flare pants” means “pants which widen” It’s not just oversized pants. Therefore the top of the flare is closer to the body than the bottom. It is even often tight up to the level of the hips.

2. Width

The taller you are, the larger your flare can be, and it is the law of proportionality. If you choose a flare that is too large for your size, it will pack you up. And then, anyway, the super large, it is when rarely flattering, the proof here and there. No need to do too much to look good.

3. Length

The flare tends to visually shorten the leg by thickening it, it is more flattering when worn long almost touching the ground (be careful, I said almost … if it really touches it you will mop, it will tear, etc.) Have your flares cut according to the shoes you plan to wear them with. And think carefully. If you have it cut for flat sandals, then no way to try high heels with them afterward, it’s really old-fashioned. And in addition, it shortens the leg. If you have short legs and a long torso, or if you are just plain petite, I really recommend that you wear these HALARA pants with heels! At the moment there is a micro-fashion which is to wear the 7/8 length flare. That is. It might not be too bad, but only on tall slender ones because it seriously cuts the leg and the figure.

4. Size

High or low, it’s great. Of course, those with short legs will look their best in high waists optics obliges.

5. Morphology

The HALARA brand flare flatters are very different body types. For example, it brings an interesting volume to the silhouette of tall skinny ones. And, by optical effect, it slim the hips of girls with the silhouette in A. On the other hand, it is not the best ally of the little ones who, if they do not want to appear packed, will choose it not too wide and will wear it with heels. It does not really benefit women who have a stomach and few hips (so-called O-shaped), because it hides their slender legs, giving the impression of a broad silhouette as a whole.

6. Material, colors, and prints

As usual, has fun. The material must still be relatively rigid; otherwise, it would be palazzo pants.

Where to buy Flare leggings and hoodies?

We recommend HALARA brand for fashionable and trending sportswear because they are giving outstanding products in reasonable price. They have a lot of variety of different kinds of sports like hoodies for women, flare leggings, plus size leggings, high rise joggers, sports bra and many more. You can visit the online store by clicking on the highlighted link.

How to wear flare pants?

Since it is rather tight in its upper part, the flare pants can be worn with tops close to the body as with wider tops. I just advise you to avoid rigid materials with a square and long shape that will make you look like a large rectangle. Depending on the materials of the top and the pants, we can make this combo casual (as above) or more dressy. For example with a silk crepe flare and a silk shirt, do not hesitate to add a belt!

With a top worn outside

If you have wide hips or want to make your Kim K style backdrop less inflammatory, this is the best option. In this case, choose a top that stops just above the crotch. If this is not your goal you can also go for shorter tops, it looks great especially if you have chosen a high waist flare.

An oversized top

Super weekend babes look ideal for tall slender people. If you want personalized style advice, why not call on my style coaching services in person or remotely? 

With a cropped top

The cool thing about flares is that, unlike skinny jeans, they don’t reveal too much of the body. We can therefore associate them with sexy pieces without fear of doing too much. With a high waist flare, a tight cropped top (more dressy here), or a wide (crop top) that reveals the belly, is an excellent combination for day or evening.

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