How you can easily make your own pickles, jams and preserves in this jar 

Keeping homemade pickles and jams fresh is easy when you use a jar from the Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Set. The jar has a big opening that makes it easy to put things in, and its sturdy construction means it won’t need to be replaced for a long time.

Making Pickles

Making pickles is easy and can be done in a jar or a pot with water, vinegar, and the different spices used to make pickles. To make pickles, you need vinegar, water, salt, and maybe onion or other vegetables.  

First, the vegetables are boiled in water to make them smaller. Then, they are put in a pot with pickling spices and vinegar. The trick is to bring everything to a boil so that it can become a sauce with a good texture. After adding all the ingredients, put the pot on low heat and let it simmer for at least an hour so that the flavors can blend. 

How to make Jam

Making your own jams is a fun way to enjoy some of the different tastes and ingredients you can find in store-bought jams, and it can also be a rewarding experience. But before you put your jams away, you need to make sure they are ready to store so they don’t go bad. Jams can go bad if they are not treated in the appropriate manner. Here are some helpful tips for making jam that tastes great: 

  1. Use a method that is both safe and good for your health when you make jam. Make sure you use cold water instead of hot water and don’t use butter or margarine. Also, make sure the pot or pan you use for each step of the recipe is clean. 
  2. Instead of canned fruits or vegetables, use fresh ones when you make jam. If you use fresh fruits instead of frozen ones, the taste of the fruit will stay truer, and tapping on the fruit will give you more juice than using frozen fruits would. 

3. Make sure your jars are properly sealed before storage. 

Why Pickles and Jam are popular 

Pickles and jam are two of the most common foods eaten everywhere in the world. They are easy to make and can be stored for many different reasons. Here are the some reasons why: 

1. Pickles are a tasty and healthy alternative to chips as a snack. 

Pickles are a great snack because they have many different kinds of vegetables in them, like cucumbers, onions, dill, and more. This gives them a salty and sour taste that makes them good for vending machines and for spreading on sandwiches. 

2. They have applications in the kitchen 

You can use pickles in the kitchen by adding them to soups, salads, or stews. This way, you’ll get not only the cucumber, onion, and dill pickles that we all love, but also the delicious flavors of the herbs and spices! 

What is Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Set 

The Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Set is a colorful, durable jar designed to preserve your food. The wide mouth allows for easy pouring and is made of sturdy, plastic, this set comes with a variety of colors and designs to fit any kitchen decor. 

Why Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Set is great for food storage 

The Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve jar set is a great choice for food storage in a way that is both easy and nice to look at. These jars have a number of interesting and useful design features that make them great not only for storing food but also for showing it off. The wide mouth of these jars makes it easy to fill them with any kind of food, making them a great choice for use in any kitchen. 


With the Kilner Wide Mouth Preserve Set jars, it’s easy to make your own pickles, jams, and preserves. By following these easy steps, you can make tasty, healthy foods that will keep you and your family healthy for years to come.

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