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One professional spellcaster we talked to admitted he was surprised to learn that the most popular search related to magic rituals which can be performed by beginning magic practitioners was “true love spells”. He said it took him a couple of days to figure out what was going on. It turned out the majority of love spells available on the Internet were fake or inaccurate and therefore totally ineffective.

Today there are many fake love spells on the Internet, but we won’t talk about it. Needless to say, every ritual described in the articles published on our blog is a true love spell. However, a lot of people print out, download and memorize authentic love spells, cast them, but nothing happens. Naturally, they blame the spell, while in reality it’s often their fault. Many people disregard ritual preparation instructions or fail to follow some rules or perform the ritual despite the fact they’re not allowed to by fate. These and other factors make spells ineffective. Magic, like any other science, requires commitment, attention, experience, knowledge, and a lot of effort. Of course, it always requires some magical abilities because their absence is another common reason why spells fail.


Magic abilities can be developed, even though it doesn’t happen quickly. It takes most people years to do so, which is way too long. They cast spells for true love hoping to get lucky, but good luck doesn’t work in magic. When they hire professional magic practitioners, they exclude the luck factor. They place an order and get exactly what they want (which is love) and when they want it.

If you have no magic abilities, you can still get lucky and put your love spell on the target successfully. It happens when the target happens to be destined to you. In this case Higher Powers are willing to work a miracle. They can make your spell effective based on your feelings for the target. The stronger they are, the more effective the spell. If you’re deeply in love with the target, he’ll love you deeply too. If you feel affection for the target, he’ll feel the same for you.

Nevertheless, you still have to follow the rules applying to casting spells for true love:

  • Perform your ritual after fasting to boost your energy levels;
  • Perform your ritual only when the moon is waxing;
  • Don’t try to cast a love spell on famous and successful people (people who achieved much more than you did);
  • Don’t cast spells on people you don’t know or don’t know well. You can’t put a love spell on someone you’ve seen only in pictures.
  • Home-cast spells not always work on people who’re in love with someone, seeing someone or married.
  • Don’t put spells on pregnant women and women with little kids.
  • The more the distance between you and the target, the less effective your love spell will be.
  • Home-cast spells can’t be put on people wearing protection talismans.
  • Don’t cast spells without having your fortune told to see what future you’re going to have if you start dating the target;
  • Don’t put spells on sick people because it can worsen their condition.
  • Love spells can be ineffective when put on people who dislike you. To make someone who finds you unattractive fall in love with you, stronger rituals are needed.
  • Don’t put spells on people with higher energy levels than yours. It’s very easy for such people to retaliate against your spells.

These are not new rules. We’ve told you about them many times before. For more information read our previous articles. If you can’t wait to be with someone and don’t want to wait, hire a professional spellcaster. If you still want to cast spells by yourself, use those described in this article as they are both, easy to cast and effective.

Find true love spell

The following spell to find true love is one of the few spells cast at a Catholic church. Before you perform the ritual, make the following preparations. Go to your chosen church and buy one white candle. Bring it home and keep it on your bed overnight. The next morning wrap it in a clean cloth and put it under the pillow. In the evening, take it out and squeeze it between your hands to warm it up. This will take you a few minutes. While holding the candle between your hands, imagine:

  • The outcome of your spell;
  • The love the target will feel for you;
  • How gentle he’ll be with you;
  • How happy you’ll be together.

When the candle is soft, cut it in half with a knife without cutting the fuse. Then cut each half (lengthwise) in two pieces too. Take the fuse out and put it aside. Shape a doll out of one half which looks like a swaddled baby. This doll will represent the target. Shape one more doll in a similar way to represent you during the ritual. Put the dolls on the cloth you used before, put the fuse in between, and wrap it up.

Find out when the next wedding is scheduled to take place in the church. Go to this wedding and sit in the back. When the wedding begins, unwrap your bundle. When the bride and the groom start saying their vows to each other, press the dolls together. When the person officiating the wedding pronounces them husband and wife, tie the dolls together with the fuse, wrap them back up, and leave. You should leave the church before the newlyweds.

Hide the bundle in a safe place at home and wait for the spell to start working. All true love spells start working about two weeks after the ritual.

Another proven love spell can be put by people who live in close proximity to a church (any Christian church) and can hear the bells ring. The bells should ring inviting people to attend a church service rather than to indicate a major religious holiday. On such days spell-casting is prohibited.

When you hear the church bells ring, take a picture of the target in your hands, press it to your chest, and say thrice:

“Do you hear the bell? It’s, my love, the sound of my love. You can hear it day and night, when the weather is good and when it’s nasty. No wind, rain or snow can stop it. Nothing can stop my love flying to you, entering your heart, and allowing me to be with you. My love for you will knock on your heart every day like the bell rings and one day you’ll let it in. Amen.”

These spells can be cast not only by Christians. You can cast it even if you’re an atheist, provided you believe it’s going to work for you.

True love spells without ingredients

You, dear readers, ask us about true love spells without ingredients quite often. Basically, we’ve just told you about them. But spells without ingredients are rare in magic. Besides, they’re not as powerful as spells cast using at least one candle or something else. Choose these spells only to:

  • Improve your current relationship;
  • Make up with your significant other;
  • Prevent infidelity (as a precautionary measure);
  • Stay close in a temporary long distance relationship;
  • Revive your feelings after a temporary long-distance relationship;
  • Stay close when you see each other rarely;
  • Reassure your significant other who questions your feelings;
  • Deal with competition in love.

Here’s one of such spells. When your significant other goes to the bathroom and turns the water on to take a shower, come up to the bathroom door, press your back to it, cross your arms on your chest, put your legs together, close your eyes, lower your head, and repeat as long as the water is running:

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“Water came from the sky, fell on a mountain, flew down a slope, became a spring. The spring turned into a river, the river pierced through the ground, reached you, and washed your body. But it’s not the water that’s washing your body, it’s the words of my love that’s washing your soul. Love me strong! Love me faithfully! Love me sincerely! Love me every day! Love me every hour! Wash your body with my love, let love grow in your heart. The water will wash off and take away everything you don’t need, everything that keeps you from opening to me or loving me the way I am.”

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