5 Simple Ways to Save While You are Shopping Online

As 2020 comes to a close and the lockdown controls are becoming less restrictive, a lot of people are planning to spend the holiday season with friends and relatives. After not being able to see family and friends for what feels like an eternity, we’re pretty sure that the Christmas gift wish lists are going to be incredibly long.

If you’re still trying to grab some of the Old Navy’s holiday sales, you’re lucky. The retailer is giving up to 20 percent off-store in December for everything from holiday pyjamas to winter wardrobes. Shoppers can snag big savings and discounts when using Victoza coupon codes when checking out. Plus, the retailer is providing free in-store deliveries to make a breeze purchase.

If you’re in the process of making your Christmas wish list, we have a few handy tips to help you stay ahead and make the most of your shopping:

1- Check your online deals

With the possibility of contracting Covid-19 still very real, this time around avoiding large crowds is important. Shopping malls start to get crowded during the holidays, and crowds can be daunting, particularly when you think we’re amid a pandemic. If you can avoid going all together through online shopping and shopping apps, choose that choice. Online shopping is also going to help you not get side-tracked. Many stores like the Old Navy offer online sales and coupons. When you weigh gas money and the time you might spend waiting in line, online purchases seem like a better proposition.

2- Do your Research

Before you make up your mind, do some research on the things you want to purchase. When the sales start, check to make sure the prices you see are real discounts. Keep up-to-date on offers, discounts and compare rates. Study

3- Come up with a list

Come on up with a list and a budget! Just because there are discounts, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to blow through your savings. The very first thing you can do is determine just how much you’re going to spend during the holidays. By prioritizing your shopping list by order of priority, you can get what you need first before you spend on unnecessary, unplanned products. Before browsing other items, I always buy expensive or important products.

4- Sign up to Slickdeals

Slickdeals is the leading and most trusted online community whose sole aim is to share, rate, and review deals and coupons. To safeguard its credibility, Slick deals only with confirmed traders who have won the confidence of consumers and has a strong reputation based on user reviews from previous deals posted on Slickdeals. The Slickdeals community is made up of millions of users who are passionate about discovering and sharing good deals. It’s this engaging culture that sets Slickdeals apart from the rest of them. Every single deal posted on the web is posted, rated and approved by the group. With a team of deal editors with extensive expertise and category awareness, they scan through various offers, search the price and price background of items from several retailers, while choosing only the best deals to publish on the Slickdeals front page. Since there is close cooperation between the group and the offer editors, there is a guarantee that the best offers on Slickdeals will result in the best deal on the web. Old Navy features prominently on Slickdeals, and discounts and coupons of up to 20% off the items listed are available for grabs. It’s worth it for customers to make use of these offers since they’re going to take off a big chunk of their final holiday bill.

5- Use multiple coupon codes strategically

If the Old Navy website allows you to merge various Old Navy coupons and promotion codes at checkout, use them in the correct order. Say you have a 20% discount promo code and a $10 coupon, first submit a 20% promo code. That will deduct 20% from the full price, and then you can make more savings with your $10 discount coupon.

With a staggering amount of online deals, special sales hours, and doorbusters that can overwhelm even the savviest of shoppers, we hope the above tricks and tactics can cut through the noise and help you snag a few good deals.

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