What are Slots Welcome Bonuses?

When you are first signing up to an online casino site, you will have encountered unique promotions offered by these sites. These slots online UK promotions are actually known as welcome bonuses and they can actually be very useful if used wisely.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is a specific type of bonus which is only available to players when they first sign up to an online casino. Welcome bonuses are often seen as lucrative amongst players due to the generous deals that they offer. The reason why online sites offer welcome bonuses is simple, they serve as a great way to attract brand new customers to their site. For long term players on an online casino site, the loyalty bonus is used. This offers similar deals as the welcome bonus but is only given to players who have used a site for a particular amount of time. When signing up to a brand new slot site, many players decide based on what sort of welcome bonus is being offered. 

Why Use Welcome Bonuses? 

As a brand new player, you will find yourself bombarded with offers of welcome bonuses from online casino sites. There are a variety of reasons why you should carefully consider which welcome bonus you are going to use. 

  •     They can save you money. Certain types of welcome bonuses will help a player to save money, this can be through free spins or no deposits. Anytime you can save money, especially as a newer player, is an important thing.
  •     They can help you to see how much a site values its customers. If an online casino is offering players a welcome bonus which isn’t very good, this is a strong indication that they don’t value their customers as much as they should.
  •     They help newer players to settle into slot gaming. A welcome bonus can be a great thing if you are brand new to the game as they often let players enjoy slots for a reduced rate, giving them the perfect chance to practise and get used to the controls.

Best Slot Welcome Bonuses 

As these types of bonuses are designed to allure players to join a particular site, they are much more lucrative than the average bonus. The following are some of the best slot welcome bonuses. 

  1. No deposit bonus – This bonus means that the player is not required to deposit anything before they start playing. This is especially popular amongst players due to the fact that they could win some cash for free!
  2. Free spins bonus – A commonly used welcome bonus, this bonus gives players a set amount of free spins to use on the reels. Although it doesn’t initially sound as lucrative as the no deposit bonus, the free spins bonus can be more lucrative if players get lucky with the free spins that they use. 

Final Thoughts 

Welcome bonuses come in many forms, they are usually very lucrative. It is best to choose a welcome bonus wisely as they can be incredibly useful.

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