Important Details of Meat Cutting Machine to Look out for

The automatic and electric controlled machine cuts meat in a shorter time. It is the easiest way than the traditional way of cutting meat using a panga or knife. The meat segments are being handled in a comfortable manner since there are in smaller pieces. Meat Cutting Machine is design in a upright manner that make easy when grinding meat

The following are types of meat Cutting Machine;

  • Bone saw meat cutting machine.

It is an automatic machine which cuts meat into different sizes. It naturally separate meat with bone, frozen meat and fish. They are mostly used in food processing industries .Meat Cutting Machine create it’s own impactful market since it is applicable in real life situation. Whereby, a lactating mother may feed her child with a meat without bone and also the elder people do have to struggle removing bone when they are eating.

  • Meat Dicing Machine.

The machine has amultiple input parameters which controlled electronically, such as cutting speed, height regulation, air pressure and the advanced and recoil movement. The grippers are design according to the product that will be cut which allows reducing at maximal loss. When the product has been cut, it is carried out of the machine employing a conveyor belt. This meat cutting machine price in Kenya is fairly affordable.

  • Fresh Meat Cutting Machine.

It is used to process fresh meat block into sliced meat, shredded meat and diced meat automatically. It is suitable for meat, duck, vegetables, Lamb etc. This meat is mostly kept in meat cans. They normally remain fresh for a long time when well kept in a right condition of environment.

  • Meat Slicing Machine

A 12inch electric slicer is very useful appliance in kitchen and meat industries .It surpassed commercial use only as all chefs see their value in today’s kitchen. This machine has attractive design, easy tobe use safe and durable. It can cut cold meat. It is mostly suitable in supermarkets and food processing industries.

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