Let Your Manhasset Visit be Extra-Ordinary in Exotic Car

If you aren’t satisfied with the ordinary, worry not. The extraordinary is waiting for you! Why not make simple things like long drives special? If you are in the mood to drive to New York neighborhoods, pick a luxury car from your nearest rental and zoom off in style.

How about driving to Manhasset? This charming hamlet of Nassau County is not just natural beauty; it has high-end shopping malls, a theater, an Irish pub, and more.

Renting a car in NYC

If you are in New York and wish to spend the weekend in Manhasset, contact one of the car rentalsin NYC and rent your chosen car. Perhaps a sleek convertible like Bentley could be the ultimate choice when you wish to explore the roads of this charming place.

It takes just 45 minutes to an hour to reach Manhasset from NYC. The Stepping Stone Lighthouse located in Long Island Sound is a major attraction here. Although the lighthouse is not open to the public, you can enjoy its view and drive around the place, letting the ocean breeze soothe your senses.

You can also rent a car in Manhasset if you do not wish to drive all the way from NYC. This would also save you on miles. You can use the miles exploring the town instead. Contact Manhasset, NY exotic car rental and book a car in a matter of minutes.

How to do this?

  • Contact the rental company.
  • You may visit their website and check car availability.
  • Enter pickup time and return time.
  • Book the car.
  • Make the payment.
  • Either arrange for a pickup or visit the rental and get the car.

Pre-requisites for renting a car

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Your age 21 and above
  • Matching personal insurance policy
  • Matching credit card

What if I am not 21 yet?

Most rentals prefer renters above 21 years of age. When you contact one of thenearest exotic car rentals, check with them about the age eligibility. A few prestigious rentals allow people below 21 to rent a car, provided they pay an ‘inexperienced driver fee.’

This is an unnecessary expense for you. Instead, bring along a friend who is above 21. He or she can rent a car for you.

Are there other fees?

Yes, if you litter in the car, you must pay an ‘odor evidence fee.’ This is for odor present inside the car such as the odor of weed smoke, cigar smoke, pets, and litter like food particles, paper bits, and others.

It is your responsibility to keep the car clean and return it in the same top condition that you took it.

Most rentals are particular about the cleanliness and condition of their cars. They themselves are devoted to keeping their fleet flawless. They expect the same from their customers.

Whether you rent a Bentley or any other car the process is the same. However, rates of renting vary with the car model.

Clarify all your doubts before you take the car keys to avoid surprises later. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Prestigious rentals are known to provide excellent customer service.


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