Lighting Ideas to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

Lighting is often ignored when designing a space. We give the last thoughts to lighting after we have decided on the paints, wallpapers, curtains, and furniture. But lighting is crucial in bringing out the best of your living space.

Proper lighting can make the space look bigger, brings the design to life, and balances light and shadow to decide the overall aesthetics. Pendant lighting, floor lighting, ceiling lighting; all these different lighting are used by designers to jazz up the living space.

How to Make a Small Space Bigger with Lighting?

We often complain of small, cramped up spaces in our houses. Lighting, natural or artificial lighting, is the key element in making a space look bigger. Try to let in a lot of natural light; big windows or well-ventilated rooms always look bigger and brighter.

But if your space gets little natural light, then go for artificial lighting. The idea is to place the light fittings properly to make the room look spacious. This requires careful planning. Here are a few tips to properly distribute the light:

1. Maximize the Natural Light

If your room has even one big window, try to maximize the source of this natural light. Do not obstruct the path of the light with unnecessary furniture, partitions, curtains, or blinds. Let the natural light come in during the daytime, and use mirrors on different walls to reflect the light around the room. This trick can create the appearance of more space in the room.

2. Use Multiple Light Sources

Using just one light on the ceiling is household owners’ most common mistake. Using one ceiling light will focus all the light in one space. Use multiple lights to distribute the light sources evenly.

Use a chain of pendant lighting on the ceiling. They look attractive and also serve as centrepieces in a living space. Place floor lamps and adjust their height carefully to direct light downward or in a specific area.

3. Use Light Colour Scheme in the Room

You may enjoy bold colours and love experimenting with new colour schemes when redecorating the living space. But this is not a good idea for small spaces.

Paint your living room in neutral colours to help the light reflect correctly. Also, choose the furniture, curtains, and other elements in the living room accordingly to make the most of the lighting.

4. Layer the Lighting

When it comes to making the space look bigger and livelier, a layered approach to lighting always helps. Use multiple lights at different heights to create an illusion of space.

While taking professional help is advised in planning the lighting for your living room, you can be creative, check Pinterest, visit a few stores, and pick up some fancy lights.

5. Keep the Functionality in Mind

While designing the lighting, it is often common to get carried away with the fancy designs and how attractive the different pieces look. But always keep the utility in mind. Use adjustable lights for reading, low-hanging lights over the table, and bright downlights near cabinets.

Brighten Up the Space with Seamless Lighting

If you plan to revamp the living space, let’s start with the lights. You will be amazed to see how different light sources can change the living room’s appearance.

While choosing different lamps, ensure you select energy-efficient lights like LEDs. This will save your energy bills while you invest in making your space look elegant. With the proper selection of lights, you can enhance the living space to make it more cosy, spacious, and warm.

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