Novita Diamonds Partners With Charity Dress For Success

Novita Diamonds is pleased to support the mission of Dress for Success through a partnership with the CBIZ Women’s Advantage. This organization provides leadership development training to affiliates around the globe and supports the Your Hour Her Power campaign. The charitable donation will help provide professional clothing for women in need. Novita Diamonds’ commitment to this cause will make a difference in many lives. We are proud to support the work of this organization.

The partnership between Novita Diamonds and Dress for Success is an important one. Novita Diamonds will donate diamonds to this organization in 2016. The donations will be used to buy career suits for women with limited or no resources. They will also purchase PANDORA jewellery for the women who will be wearing these pieces. Novita Diamonds is also supporting COVID-19 through its partnership with this organization. As a result, the diamond jewelry company is supporting an important cause.

Professional attire

The nonprofit organization works to empower local women by providing professional attire and a network of support. Since its founding in 2005, Dress for Success has served more than 1,750 economically challenged women in the region. The recent increase in COVID-19 has made the need for these programs even greater. The charity’s founder Linda Armstrong-Loop explains how her organization supports the organization and the cause. If you’re looking for a beautiful diamond engagement ring, Novita Diamonds can help!

Precious stone

Novita Diamonds is thrilled to be partnering with the charity Dress for Success. The brand is donating diamonds to help fund the cause and is proud to donate these precious stones to the charity. The charity has been around since 1985 and continues to provide support and opportunities to economically challenged women. These charitable efforts have made the need for these organizations even more urgent. So, why not shop for your next gemstone engagement ring from Novita Diamonds?

Professional clothing

The nonprofit organization is committed to empowering local women through professional clothing and a network of support. This philanthropic organization is committed to helping women achieve their dreams by giving back to the community and assisting them with their daily needs. Novita Diamonds is a member of Dress for Success. You can find them at our store in Philadelphia. Just follow the link below to learn more. You can do your part by giving a donation to the charity by purchasing a ring from Novita Diamonds.

The charity has been partnering with various charitable organizations for over three decades. In 2016 Novita Diamonds donated more than $1 million to charity and is donating jewellery to dress for success boutiques across North America. The nonprofit has provided the necessary professional attire for more than 1,750 women. By donating these valuable diamonds, Novita is making a difference in the lives of women in need. This organization gives them a chance to earn their dream job.

Wardrobe and supportive network

The charitable organization works with local women by providing a professional wardrobe and supportive network. Clients of Dress for Success receive a career suit, makeup, and shoes from volunteers. In addition, the program also provides support for job interviews. Through this partnership, Novita Diamonds is helping women build their confidence and improve their chances in the workforce. The partnership with the non-profit has helped over 1,750 people gain employment and improve their lives.

Novita Diamonds is proud to partner with the charity Dress For Success. Through its partnership with the charity, Novita Diamonds is helping women build better lives. Its employees also contribute to the organization by volunteering at its offices and by providing in-kind donations of jewellery. It has also made a significant impact on the lives of local women through its partnerships with community-based organizations. Novita Diamonds is proud to partner with charities and will donate proceeds from the sale of its jewellery to various charitable causes.


Novita Diamonds is proud to support the charity Dress for Success. They donate diamonds to the charity to help women with job search. They will donate the money to the organization through their partnerships. In addition, they will also be donating PANDORA jewellery to its boutiques in North America. The partnership with Dress for Success will also help the organization provide professional clothing for the community. The two organizations will partner to improve their community by providing resources for these women.

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