Personal Injury Lawyers in Long Island Fight for Clients’ Fair Settlement

It is rough to recover from traumatic accidental events, including expensive medical care needed to recover. When the injuries are caused due to someone else’s recklessness, the challenges to convalesce financially and mentally are more taxing. The victim may not have the resources or energy to fight a compensation lawsuit as the time is spent recovering from the injuries. The legal team at The Raimondo Law Firm understands these personal injury challenges. So, when clients retain their services the team takes their obligations seriously.

They understand financial issues due to an accident to the victim and their family, especially through someone else’s negligence. The Long Island personal injury lawyers at The Raimondo Law Firm work hard to ensure that their clients get the settlement they deserve

David J. Raimondo has over 30 years experience representing personal injury plaintiffs on Long Island. He strives for maximum financial damages as well as offers professional and personalized services with dedication. 

An associate attorney, Jon L. Raimondo handles civil litigation areas emphasizing personal injuries due to construction site accidents, motor vehicle collisions, and premises liabilities.

The Raimondo Law Firm represents clients from New York City, Long Island, Suffolk, and Nassau County. Individuals can reach them 24/7 through their emergency service contact number (631) 471-1222. 

The Raimondo Law Firm offers free consultations and many of its staff members are well-versed in several languages. The Raimondo Law Firm trial lawyers can help the victim seek justice in cases like catastrophic injury, wrongful deaths, vehicle collisions, medical malpractice, defective products, construction accidents, dog bites, and premises liability. The trial lawyers have also recovered damages for sports-related injuries, assaults, and other negligent/intentional actions. 

The lawyers help clients in their personal injury claim process right from the start to the end. The medical malpractice claim is a hard-fought, complicated practice area that needs expert medical testimony and solid proof. The law firm has the experience and resources needed to deal with every kind of medical malpractice claim. For medical malpractice cases, the firm has successfully recovered $215,000 for hospital negligence that resulted in birth injury and chemical burns to the skin.

Catastrophic injuries like amputation, paralysis, brain injury, and burn injury are devastating. The permanently disabled person is emotionally, physically, and mentally disturbed because of a full stop to his/her lifestyle. The entire family is affected because of this sudden change and the challenges are persistent. 

The Raimondo Law Firm offers aggressive legal representation along with considerate full-energetic support to achieve comprehensive damages for disabled victims’ needs. 

Car accidents are common and getting compensation from the insurance provider is hard. The insurance provider’s legal representative tries to claim that the victim is also at fault or tries to negotiate a low settlement. The Long Island car accident lawyers at The Raimondo Law Firm reviews the collision, medical reports, consults law enforcement, and even interviews witnesses. Experts are consulted to testify the reasons for crash occurrence and injuries extent. Their proactive efforts have recovered claims in millions on personal injury verdicts and settlements.

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