Popular Uses of Shade Nets

There are moments when one must regulate the amount of light and radiation for agricultural or other purposes. It can be achieved through a variety of ways, including the use of a shade net. The common types available in the market are black and green and are used for specific purposes. This article reviews various benefits of shade nets.

Shade nets are knitted fabrics to reduce UV radiation and allow a mixture of light and shade. Apart from being green or black, they are of different types based on the amount of radiation they can prevent. They have wide applications ranging from agriculture to automotive uses and construction.

  1. Construction of nursery shades

An agricultural nursery is a unit used to raise seedlings of various crops. Crops can be propagated using different planting materials, including seeds, cuttings, and suckers. These planting materials require different amounts of radiation to grow well. Coffee and fruit seedlings require about 70 percent shading, while tea seedlings require about 90 percent.

  1. Construction of shade nets for mature crops

Some crops, such as tomatoes, require a regulated amount of radiation to reach maximum productivity. Using shade nets enhances productivity and reduces attacks from pests and diseases. Mature crops need a shade of about 50 percent or less to reach their maximum potential. These shades are widely applicable in greenhouses.

  1. Construction of car parking shades

Cars need to be protected from unnecessary overheating when parked to reduce color change and wear out of glasses. Car shades can be waterproof or non-waterproof, depending on the purpose. Car shades are typically black and allow the least amount of radiation. They are almost 95 percent of shade and of different sizes making shade net price in Kenya variable.

  1. Used during construction

For construction concrete to dry well, it needs favorable conditions to be met. Direct sunlight will lead to a faster rate of dying and differential expansion between concrete and construction metals, causing cracking. It can be reduced by the use of shades that can only permit 40 percent of radiation and encourage seasoning.

  1. Used to provide privacy in homesteads

Compound fences not only need to be strong but also need to provide a reasonable amount of privacy. Wire fences will not provide privacy, while concrete walls provide complete privacy but are expensive to be afforded by all. Shade nets offer a high percentage of confidentiality at a relatively lower price. Black shade nets provide the best yields to offer privacy for the homestead.

  1. Used in the construction of windbreakers

Flat areas such as plains and plateaus have a significant amount of wind blowing throughout the year. For certain crops to perform well in such sites, windbreakers must be constructed around the fence and sometimes around the individual crops. Shade nets provide the best windbreakers as they reduce the amount of light and radiation and the speed of blowing wind.


Shade nets play a critical role in a society where trees are becoming scarce, and industrialization is taking over. A buyer must find the correct shade net type for the desired use. This article has evaluated the significant ways in which a shade net can be of great benefit. Check also construction safety net.

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