Visiting Amusement Parks On A Budget: Saving On Tickets and Other Helpful Tips

Visiting amusement parks is a great experience that can provide great fun for the entire family. When traveling on a budget, you will see that it isn’t as hard as you think to begin saving on tickets. While many think that there will be things that you can’t do, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many different ways to save on getting passes. You can also find amazing tips for making your trip better and enjoying the sites. Each amusement park has its fun, and you will see that they also have their own rules. The trick is remembering that, and using it to your advantage.

Find Your Military Office

When you want to start saving on tickets, finding your military ticket office is the easiest and quickest way to make this happen. It is known as the ITT. When you come here, you can buy discounted tickets and, in some cases, add-ons for the park you are going to. For example, some parks offer meal tickets and parking tickets along with your passes to the park so that you can save money. This is a rare occurrence as not all of them do this, but if you find that yours is one of the theme parks that offer that option, you should take it as you can save over a hundred dollars.

Another great thing about this option is buying your passes for multiple days and experiencing numerous parks with one ticket. For example, Disney World is a great company that believes in helping people save on tickets. As a result, you can buy a four-day hopper pass, a seven-day hopper pass, and a ten-day hopper pass for hundreds of dollars less than you would anywhere else. The only thing that you need to be aware of here is that one active military member or retired military member can buy six tickets and no more. If you need any additional options, you need another military member to go with you. They must also be present with you when you arrive at the park. 

Your office will also be able to tell you about add-ons that you can utilize to your benefit, as well as give you helpful tips about each park. You will receive maps and brochures that can help you prepare before you go, making the trip much smoother. One helpful hint is that the workers can know where the best place to meet your favorite characters is, the changes that have been performed to the park, and perks that you can receive. If you visit the park for the first time, you will find that Disney offers buttons to commemorate the event. Do you want to look like a princess? The staff can tell you the steps to a princess makeover. Each of these things isn’t well-known, but the team ensures that they have the correct information to make your trip the best that it can be. 

Go To Your AARP Office

Your local AARP office will also have discounts that you can partake in. Saving on tickets is quickly done throughout the year, but they sell fast, so you need to be on your game if you want to get them early. That is particularly important if you’re going to take a big group of people. This is an option that many people prefer as AARP is a trustworthy company that has been around for many years. When you want to determine when the tickets will be hitting your area, call and ask. The staff is always helpful and understanding.

Your Superstore Has Tickets

Your superstore has tickets as well. You will see that both Costco and Sam’s Club have discounted tickets throughout the year as well. The rules with this option are that you have to buy a hotel stay and the tickets. When you get these tickets to the customer service area, they will have a small travel section. From here, ask about the tickets, and they will provide them to you if they have them or let you know when they will be getting them in the future. 

Take Advantage Of Discounts 

When you go to a site’s main page, you will see that some offer deals on a package page. Others will send you coupons in your email if you sign up for your newsletter. In particular, some parks will provide a free ticket if you sign up for their magazine. However, be sure to watch the dates as they may not last as long as you think they will—another option to check to see if the parks have a birthday option. There are usually buy-one-get-one choices that make the tickets cheaper for families.

You Can Trust Reputable Sources

When you have a trustworthy affiliate or need a reputable source for saving on tickets, take the time to ensure that they have a contract with the park you want to visit. When you have found a trustworthy source of information, you can buy your tickets at a steep discount, saving at least fifty dollars. Another area that you can benefit from is add-ons like getting ahead of the lines. 

Extend Your Stay To Start Saving On Tickets 

A top-rated tip for saving on tickets is realizing that the more you will save, the longer you stay. Many parks will offer three, four, seven, or even ten-day passes. With these options, you see that you save over a thousand dollars. Imagine that you want to go to Disney World. A ten-day hopper pass lets you know each park is six hundred dollars. If you have four adults going, you will spend over two thousand dollars, but if you had bought the tickets individually, you would be spending over forty-one hundred. 

If you plan to see a theme park with multiple sections, having a pass that lets you go between them is extremely helpful. It also gives you the time to go on every ride to see all the parades and every show you want to see. Disneyland, for example, has California Adventure as well. If you’re going to see Cars Land, you need to come early in the morning because the lines are outrageously long. Having an extended stay will ensure that you get to see it. Other favorites such as Space Mountain and Indiana Jones are always a long line. The light show is also top-rated, with people waiting two to four hours to find an excellent spot to see it from. To see everything from each park, it is recommended that you stay at least a week. 

Don’t Fall For A Fake Ticket

As stated above, some people claim to be affiliated with theme parks when they are not, and the scams are getting more clever. That makes it harder for someone to know when they are getting scammed and not. As a result, you need to know some things to look out for. One thing to watch for is the promise of free tickets. Tickets to theme parks are only accessible if there is an event from the park itself. If you see this offer, it is not real. Another red flag is cash for tickets, letting you buy twenty or more hopper passes and meeting in sketchy locations. In particular, never meet someone in the parking garage, don’t meet them in alleys or other areas without security cameras and people. The scammers want to meet you alone so that you won’t have any defense if they attempt to hurt you. 

You should look out for the final thing if someone says they have an exclusive offer for something that doesn’t exist. A good example here would be a scammer who said they have a deal for Disney World that lets you take three people on an all-expense-paid trip to try out their new product. Unless Disney has said that this product exists, it doesn’t. Disney is cautious about who can sell their products and who can’t. As a result, there have been many crackdowns on scams that have tried to pull this. 

Come To The Parks And Have A Great Vacation

When you want to have a great vacation, experience the best in saving on tickets, and see everything you want, it would help if you took advantage of the options we gave you above. If the park allows it, getting a meal ticket and parking ticket is the best option for saving you money. That is particularly true if you have children. 

If the park doesn’t allow this, check out your superstores and take your military members on a fun trip that they can enjoy. It will be an excellent time for making memories, meeting characters, and ensuring that you want to go back in the future. Just remember to take the time and buy the tickets from a reputable source so that you don’t end up losing money.

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