Shop on a Budget: 8 Ways To Save Money Shopping at Target

If you weren’t already shopping on a budget the last few years, you most likely are now. That is the simple reality of living in a time with pandemics and inflation. The need to stretch your dollar has never been higher. Luckily, in today’s world, there are a lot of retailers that offer great deals, as well as ways to find even more savings online and through other sources.

When shopping at places like Target, customers often have all of the necessities in one store (groceries, medicine, clothes, home accessories, entertainment, etc.). That is one reason so many consumers choose to go there, for the “one-stop” experience. But without a Target promo code or other type of coupon, you are probably not getting the best deal you could.

  1. Take Advantage of Online Coupon Deals 

Even though retailers offer their own coupons, the best deals are usually found by joining coupon groups or websites that specialize in finding the best prices. Sometimes you can stack these rebates on top of each other for a substantial overall discount.

  1. Find Target Promo Codes and Clearance Codes

In a store that already has good sales; the clearance prices can be unbelievable at times. Items that start at 15% or 30% off can get slashed all the way up to 70%.

  1. Pick the Right Day

Different sales and specials take place on specific days for many retailers. Here is a schedule for how most Target stores discounts their items, according to an expert shopping blogger we came across in our research:


Electronics and accessories, books, kids’ clothing, baby items, and stationery


Women’s clothing, domestic goods, pet supplies, grocery items


Men’s clothing, lawn & garden, health & beauty, furniture


Shoes, housewares, lingerie, toys, decor & luggage, sporting goods


Auto accessories, hardware, cosmetics, jewelry

  1. Be On the Lookout for Price Adjustments

You don’t always need a Target promo code to cash in on big savings. If you see an item you recently bought go on sale, you can bring your receipt in and receive the difference back, as long as it is within 14 days from the purchase date.

  1. Get Your Holiday Shopping in Early (or Late)

Be watching for sales and discounts especially closely around the following time:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Halloween 
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Summer
  • Back-to-School
  1. Use the Wedding and Baby Registry (Even if You’re Doing Neither)

Even if you aren’t expecting a new bundle of joy or taking a walk down the aisle, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the price perks that go with them.

  1. Try Shopping Online Instead of at Physical Locations

What many people don’t know is that even without a Target promo code, you can still get a better price online than in the store. 

  1. Research Prices at Different Store Locations

Something else that is a surprise to a number of shoppers is that the same items can have different prices in different areas, especially if the store is located in another zip code.

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