Slim Baby Lost My Mind ft Boosie Badazz is gaining buzz

I listened these two new songs that will be released in the first month of 2022. I heard and enjoy a lot. I want to tell you about these songs. One is Slim Baby-Lost My Mind Remix ft Boosie Badazz and the other is Soulja Boy-they call me Draco Baby. It’s one of the most popular. I noticed that they sung with deeply emotions. So, at first, I thought this song would be very difficult, but let’s take a look. Let’s read further about them how their efforts became them popular.. 

I was just before I started playing, but the song is on fire. This is not surprising as Soulja Boy is stupid and good at his work and has trampled his man many times. He has many hits songs. Especially Kiss Me On The Phone, Crank That (Soulja Boy), She Claps, Rick and Morty. They call me Draco Baby and it’s another hit waiting to shine under the Soulja Boys belt.

Compare slim Baby with Lost My Mind 

Let’s compare it with Slim Baby – Lost My Mind ft Boosie Badazz released last week. Slim Baby was a big hit at the end of 2019, so it’s called Lost My Mind, and generated nearly a million streams on Spotify. Since Slim Baby is from New Orleans, Louisiana, it was not surprising that as she was interested in helping Button Rouge’s Bougie Baddas use his voice to shine this hidden gem.

Then this song has been the best poem of Bougie Baddas since Set It Off. Really thanks to the modern and bulky melody of the slim baby and the wild and wild personality of the boogie, you can be confident that Lost My Mind Remix was a huge success. I’ve heard that the song will soon release a clean version and will be distributed to all clean hop playlists and curators on streaming radio websites around the world, from New Orleans to Ghana. This is a big problem. The original Lost My Mind disables the clean version of Spotify for Slim Baby. I think his songs are going to beat the songs of others very soon.

Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz has a lot of hits like Set Off, Mop Wit It, Nasty Nasty, but not all. There were so many hits that his music playlists had to go through days from start to finish, and they all beat him. Bougie Baddas is an artist’s idol and role model that inspires many Tupac Shakur in the South and everywhere.

Soulja Boy and Bougie Baddas have several dope songs together, including Diamond Bitin and Materialistic, while Slim Baby and Soulja Boy have Slim Hook and Soulja. If you make a song that raps, I think it will be a different chart conduct. Hit the toppings under his belt.

It is impossible to choose a clear winner for the song that will debut in 2022. I’m prejudiced to like all these artists. We hope that one of the big Spotify-curated playlists, such as rap caviar, rap workouts, and fresh rap, will start spinning with the choice of Lost My Mind or They Call Me Draco Baby. This song is completely dormant now.

Lyrics of the songs 

You can hear this song with lyrics from Google or https:/ YouTube by clicking on this highlighted link. You can enjoy their album on IOS and an Android. I really want to recommend you to go and visit their platform to enjoy their music. Appreciate it for what they have done.

Where we can hear this song 

 There are plenty of opportunities for you to listen to this song. You can choose one of these methods and go to it and listen Lost My Mind Original song. 


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