Slotxo Auto Yggdrasil Slotxo Review of Fantasy Slot Games

Slotxo Yggdrasil Slot is a slot game review. This little fantasy game is for people who like fantasy visuals and colors. Fantasy art is a type of art that contains superstitious or supernatural content, ideas, elements, or settings while this philosophy overlaps with some. With science fiction Horror novels and predictive novels, fantasy art has some unique elements of its own. 

That สล็อต xo ทั้งหมด which is not found in the art of writing fiction speculates on the content of the work of mystery. And the myth or fantasy writer of the modern world in the appearance that conceals the implications of the power of the gods Maya or something supernatural.

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The game has 3 lines, 5 reels. Yggdrasil Slotxo This slot game consists of 3 rows and 5 reels. Meaning of reels and rows, the theme of the game is fantastic. Including animals the fantasy art that lives in the area

  • Yggdrasil 
  • Slot control buttons
  • The control buttons consist of
  • Zoom and enlarge button to play in full the screen in the computer and the mobile phone cannot be enlarged.
  • Settings button (cog marks) for various game settings.
  • Mute button
  • Spin history view button
  • List of bets per line
  • Buy Button Free Spins (Power)
  • Button to play the game automatically (Auto)Visit this website zmagazines2 click here zimnewsking touch here ukwebnews and also visit cinewebnews and viralwebnewsng
  • Balance (Balance)
  • Items Confirmed per spin (Spin) each time
  • Yggdrasil 

Payout rates and symbols

Yggdrasil slotxo ฝาก 5 บาท ฟรี 99 บาทล่าสุด Slot Multiplier symbols there are many different types of slots in this game. The spear symbol, the tree symbol ( Wild ), the king symbol, the princess symbol, the female warrior symbol, the beast symbol, and many other symbols A, K, Q, J, that award different prizes. In betting starting from only 0.10 baht


Lines of this Yggdrasil Slot game consist of 1 to 20 lines, you can choose a minimum of 1 line and a maximum of 20 lines. You must also keep in mind that the Lion Line acts as a multiplier. Only normal payouts will be given to the Safari Heat special feature for one spin. You will be paid Only once, choose 20 bets, play lines, chances,  apply for slots xo, special bonuses will be as much as that symbol value all players Choose to place bets as you want to play.

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Bonus symbol Special features and how to get bonuses

To increase the chances for players to win large prizes Buy Free Spins Mode Just like this, you will receive the reward according to the payout rate immediately. In addition, the player can win more than 1 line per spin of the wheel if more lines bet. When winning, players can wait to receive substantial prize money.

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BONUS FEATURE: 3 wins up to 6 free spins, spin reels 2, 3, and 4 together to form 3 symbols, additional free spins are awarded when during free spins an unlimited number of RETRIGGERS SCATTER

GAMBLE FEATURE: FEATURES BLACK CARD RED CARD To gamble any win press the bet button then select a red or black card the bet is doubled x2 if the red or black selection is correct the winnings can be played. Up to 5 bets, 5 bets feature can be disturbed, enable/disable in the settings menu, cannot gamble during autoplay.


Yggdrasil Slot This section means that every game in SLOTXO has random bonus money at every moment. And everyone playing games at the same time with us at that time will have the right to receive bonuses for everyone, all of which will be caused by the system’s random bonuses. It consists of a Grand Bonus, a Minor Bonus, a Major Bonus, and finally a Mini Bonus which is a big payout. That if we continue to play any game we will be eligible for this award. If a player receives a bonus from the total random bonus so-called a big bonus the profit is worth it.


Different reward payment rates including will depend on the player’s bet amount. Yggdrasil Slot The highlight of this game is Wild, sometimes it comes in the form of a tree full of 3 rows. Points that stand out from other games It is a bonus that is rarely seen in other slots games because if you get three or more scatters in the game you will win free spins. Most of them are free spins bonuses. After receiving the bonus and summing up all the credits received. There will be more features coming out for us to choose to win more. It’s a card-guessing feature to get more rewards.

The amount of bonus received up to 20.50 baht in a bet of only 0.20 baht.

If a gambler wants to know about the information of this slot game how much bonus we will receive, open the I symbol (I) to view the multiplicative score or wait for the game to tell the amount after counting the bonus amount as well.

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