Straw Fedora: Why They Are Considered Fashion Statement in summer?


Straw hats are perfect for summer. The exceptional comfort, extraordinary design, and marvelous outfit improvements throughout the summer cannot be summarized in words. Even though straw hats define specific styles, they also signify a wide variety of headwear and materials. 

By the term straw hats, many people think that straw hats are crafted from various types of materials. For instance, most straw hats are crafted from straw, the material that is left after the seeds are separated from the grain plants. After that, the straw is fabricated into the fedora. The style of the straw hat is extremely popular around the world, from the countryside to metropolitan cities. 

Apart from complementing the fashion statement, summer straw hats also come with tons of general uses. For instance, high-quality straw hats will protect your neck and face from the harmful UV rays of the run. On the other hand, it will improve the airflow on the head, keeping you cool all the time. Additionally, it protects your eyes from direct sunlight it comes with a stylish and wide brim. The headband also removes sweat away from your eyes. 

One of the famous materials of the straw hat is the Toyo Straw. However, keep in mind that Toyo Straw is one type of shellacked paper from the rice. This material has comes with tons of additional advantages over the traditional straw. Not only is the material expensive than the traditional straw, but also much more resistant. Advanced types of straw fedora hats include Shantung hats, Panama hats, and Straw fedora. 

However, Toyo straw is one of the most expensive materials for summer hats. Despite the price, the summer straw fedora hats such as fedora hats and Panama hats are essential. Both are a durable and great choice for your wardrobe. Additionally, these hats are available at multiple price points with a protective coating. 

Straw fedora hats

The straw fedora hats are one of the most popular types of straw hats in the world and you can pair them with any of your outfits. You can also wear this hat to make your outfits more sophisticated. It helps you enhance the air circulation that will ultimately keep your head cool and free from sweating. At the same time, you don’t have to face any type of discomfort. As comfy and stylish, mens straw fedora hats will be relevant for any formal or informal events. 

The fedora hats not only come in multiple colors, but they also have a narrow brim at the pinch front. These hats have vents on each side of the crown. However, finding hats with vents will be a time-consuming job. It enhances breathability. At the same time, they will add flair due to their abounded edges and trimmed brims. 

Panama Straw Hats

The Panama straw hats are very similar to the other types of summer straw hats. However, they are not crafted from straw. Instead, they are crafted from the materials derived from the palmate leaves. The Panama straw hat features a high crown and a 3-inch-wide brim. 

Apart from the crown, you’ll find a ribbon at the front of the taper. Panama straw hats are one of the best options for summer and tropical events as they will help you remain coo, due to their unique weaving style. The Panama straw hats weren’t originated from Panama Canal. The origin of these hats in Ecuador and they receive their name due to their travel through the Panama Canal. 

While choosing straw hats, make sure you consider the grade of the straw. The significance of the woven design represents the long hours of labor. The price can be anywhere from hundred dollars to thousand dollars, depending on the quality and quantity of the straw. 

Shantung Straw Hats

If you want some alternative design for the straw hats, you should consider purchasing Shantung straw hats. This is a top-quality paper used as an alternative for straw. Amongst the most durable and finest materials, the Shantung straw hats are an excellent choice as per their price points. You can wear them at any summer event. Not to mention, they will capture the attention of people easily. 

The Shantung straw hats can be worn with any type of outfit. However, keep in mind that these straw hats are designed to showcase your personality and lifestyle. Therefore, make sure you’re pairing them with formal outfits. As per Myzeo, formal outfits display sharpness and maturity. Additionally, it’s suggested not to wear them at informal events. The Shantung straw hats have become one of the most important fashion statements due to their advantages, appearance, and woven designs. It will help you stay protected from the harmful sun rays. Unlike other types of straw hats, the cleaning process of the Shantung straw hats is extremely easy. Therefore, they are worth the money you pay. 


Straw hats are one of the best fashion accessories that will complement your outfit in summer. With perfect and high-quality straw hats, you showcase your fashion statement as well as stay protected from various outdoor elements.  

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