The affiliate marketing model

The business model that makes you rich: the affiliate marketing model

The business model is the economic model of the company. It explains how the company plans to make money. Affiliate marketing can be simply defined as selling other people’s products through one’s website. It is an effective technique for the commercial development of the company.

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This new model of affiliate marketing involves the existence of two sites:

A merchant site that sells a service or a physical good, and an affiliate who owns a site that aims to attract traffic to its pages in order to send them to the merchant’s site. The merchant site will pay a commission to the affiliate which is a percentage of the sale price of the product.

While affiliate marketing can be a lucrative business, it’s not about “easy money”. This system works well for blogs because it involves a certain level of trust between the reader and the blog manager. It should be noted that the greater the trust between the two parties, the more readers tend to follow the advice of the blogger. It is a question of not offering the wrong product which could break the relationship of trust. Read Wealthy Affiliate Reviews by clicking on this highlighted link.

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This concept is based on several conditions to be fulfilled for the “affiliate”:

  •         Have significant traffic on your website or blog
  •         Have visitors who want to make a purchase
  •         Build a relationship of trust with your blog visitors or readers

Here are the steps to start an affiliate marketing business:

  1. Find and join an affiliate program

You have to look for a popular merchant platform, which has a high conversion rate in order to assess whether it is possible to generate sales. The conversion rate is the share of site visitors who become customers. A conversion rate of 5% is attractive. It’s best to choose a program that offers a recurring commission that increases with the customers you bring to them.

  1. Choose a website

First, choose a business that you like. You speak best of an activity that you understand and are familiar with. There are very few products that sell themselves. As an affiliate site, your profits are made through purchases generated by your site. It is therefore important to look into the product to find out if it is salable and suitable for your visitors. Check with the merchant’s website to find out if their products are selling well or not. Find out as much as you can about how much you’re likely to earn each month.

  1. Make interesting content

The content you write or post appeals to your audience and builds your traffic. The links you put on your site must be related to your content! If you have a fashion blog, you can put links to tested cosmetics, or as an example, if you are a site focused on technology, you can put links to computer equipment.

The benefits of affiliate marketing:

When the system is governed by an affiliate network, the management of clicks and purchases is easier and represents neither cost nor financial risk (too important). Affiliation is also a very good way to earn money on the internet. You just need to be motivated and patient!

The risks of affiliate marketing:

The first risk is low traffic, too low to generate real income. You only earn a few euros per month. The second major risk is annoying your readers. Be too insistent on commercial links at the risk of no longer meeting the expectations of your visitors or readers. These are two risks that would tarnish your reputation or your brand.

Moreover, affiliate marketing is not adaptable to all blogs, because some themes do not correspond to any product category.

The testimony

We have collected the testimony, a practical and user-friendly site that gives ideas for visiting or rediscovering Paris with children or as a family in a good mood. One of the sources of income is the affiliation. We asked some questions to experts, co-founders of the site example site.

What is the best example of affiliation on the site?

On our site, there is not just one example, but several! All our affiliate links work because they are positioned according to the content of the page.

What is important when considering membership?

Our experience shows that it is absolutely necessary that the affiliate link be consistent with the content published on the page where it is located and fit naturally into the website. We also ensure that it provides a real service to the Internet user.

Is setting up affiliate links easy?

From what moment does the affiliation begin to be profitable?

No link alone represents profitability. The commissions are very low for each click and purchase generated. It is the multiplication of links and the volume of traffic that generates revenue. The more appropriate links you have to your pages and your site, the more revenue you generate!

Besides income, does it bring anything else?

The affiliation makes it possible to provide an additional service for the Internet user which must be useful to him! Through this, you gain loyalty among visitors to your site.

Is this a system you would recommend?

Yes of course! As long as we respect the rule of consistency, it’s a very interesting system!  It’s your turn to get started, test!

I hope this guide help to understand you the affiliate program for further details visit our recommended site by clicking on the highlighted link.

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