The Best CAPM Training Programs and Courses

Best CAPM Training Programs

Though you may study on your own, it is usually advisable to have some formal education before starting a new job. Excellent CAPM training programmes are available at a reasonable cost and that are both fun and informative. Listed below are two CAPM Certification in Singapore of the most outstanding instances of this style of creative work.

Sensei Brain

  • There is a six-month timeframe available.
  • Hundreds of practise questions are available.

If you attend this bootcamp, you will have an extremely high chance of passing the exam. Through the employment of storytelling tactics, the attention of students is retained. It will provide you with the essential 23 hours of information as a pre-requisite for the test. A total of nine courses are included in the programme, which cover all facets of project management education.

Cyber Vista

  • Access duration: 180 days
  • Practice questions: Not specified

It is covered in this self-paced course that the most challenging elements of the CAPM test are covered. A practise test is also included to assist you in your preparation for the CAPM certification exam. Within this test, you will be exposed to the following areas of project management:

  • Efforts to reduce expenses
  • Managing work scopes and responsibilities
  • Control over the scheduling of events
  • A contract for the purchase of goods and services

In addition, Cyber Vista’s comprehensive training programme offers students with data and analytics to aid them in keeping track of their production and profitability.

Best CAPM Online Courses

Online schooling has grown increasingly convenient in the midst of the epidemic. You don’t have to leave your house to learn, and you’ll get the same level of instruction as in a traditional classroom. Consider enrolling in one of the following online CAPM training courses if you’re looking for one.


  • Duration: December 5 to 13
  • Simulation exam: Yes

EduMind’s CAPM online bootcamp is one of the most comprehensive. Its main objective is to help students succeed on the CAPM exam. It contains interactive lectures and workshops, as well as subjects like as risk management, project scope management, and human resources management.

Grey Campus

  • Duration: 2 to 3 days
  • Simulation exam: Yes

Live sessions with the instructor and fellow students are a big part of this Grey Campus training course. A year’s worth of course materials are available for free at Grey Campus, unlike many of its competitors.

As part of their preparation for the CAPM certification exam, students will complete three full-length simulation tests. To be honest, the only thing I don’t like about this programme is that it doesn’t have a mobile app or offline access.

Study Guides and Resources for the CAPM Exam

Helpful materials and instructions may greatly ease the route toward CAPM certification. The exam is updated on a regular basis, so make sure you are familiar with the most recent materials.

  • Fourth Edition Paperback of Rita Mulcahy’s CAPM Exam Prep

In the realm of project management, Mulcahy is a well-known expert. Sprintzeal have 180 practise questions included in her study guide for the CAPM test. In 2018, she revised and updated her CAPM Exam Prep book.

  • A Comprehensive Study Guide for the CAPM and PMP Exams, by Joseph Phillips

The CAPM guide by Phillips is simple and cost-effective. In addition to a few CDs, the handbook contains all the training resources needed to pass the CAPM test. Since the author has a great deal of practical expertise in this subject, the book was also revised in 2018.

Is CAPM Certification Worth It?

Having a CAPM certification will help you land a job. Many firms prefer to recruit project managers who have been certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In order to begin your career as a project manager, you must pass the CAPM certification exam. In addition, if you’re already a project manager, you’re likely to get a raise.

The CAPM Salary

Uncertified project managers make an average of 25% less than CAPM-certified project managers. The average compensation of a qualified project manager, according to Infosec, is nearly $2,500 higher. When it comes to job advancement, obtaining a CAPM certification is a good option for anybody interested in project management. You’ll gain credibility, self-assurance, and greater employment prospects as a result of this. Don’t forget to check the best resources if you plan on taking the test.

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