What Can you do with £1

What would you do with £1? You can achieve nothing for this meagre amount unless you research something with a low price. Some people think that this amount is worthless and let it reside in their pockets. Though spare change like £1 is less useful today, you can actually do many things with it apart from fast-food items. Thus, let us pull a £1 note out of our pocket because here is a list of the projects you can do with this tiny amount.

Download a song from iTunes

Since 2001, iTunes has provided a broad range of media resources including music. Hence, you can purchase your favourite songs at this popular media player and media library. As this platform streams millions of songs, you can download one or two titles for £1. It is worth mentioning that several free music and albums can also be downloaded from this streaming site. So, all you have to do is to choose your preferred songs by clicking on the download button.

Buy theatre tickets

If you are tired of the screen and want to have fun with a beloved hobby of all time, you should adopt the idea of watching a theatre show. As the majority of Brits enjoy seeing theatre, you can find a theatre in your area. Before booking your ticket online, you should ensure that you choose a trustworthy source. Depending on your choice, you can also enjoy the amazing online plays and dance musicals which evidently require you no fees.

Visit a virtual museum

The popularity of the virtual museum has increased since the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. This means that you can visit the world’s best exhibits from the comfort of your own home. These virtual museums permit you to explore the unique places in the globe where you can view fascinating valuable artefacts and several artworks. The good news is that these exhibits offer free virtual tours enabling you to discover the art gallery tours.

Play online bingo

We used to visit the bingo hall but everything has changed today because the trend is to have fun with the online bingo variants on the bingo casinos. This kind of entertainment has gained popularity among people with a wide array of bingo sites that ensure an outstanding gaming experience. A significant benefit of web-based pound bingo is that they can move funds safely and easily because the best websites accept reputed payment methods. From the classic to the modern formats, the enthusiasts have a large choice in terms of bingo games.

Print photos

Despite the rise of digital photography, photo prints are important because they allow us to remember the special moments in our lives. The older we get, the more difficult we remember things. Therefore, people are encouraged to keep their precious memories by printing photos and filling albums. Printing a photo out costs you less than £1 so be sure that you can preserve your valuable memories without becoming a spendthrift.

Watch four movies from the Disney movie club

If you are a Disney movie fan, you will be happy because you can watch four movies from this prominent film production company for less than £1. The only condition to benefit from these movies with almost free charges is to join Disney’s membership program. Your first step is to sign up to join a membership club by clicking on the “Login” link. Then, you will be taken to a screen where you can pick your favourite movies. Confirm your choice by pressing on “Checkout” and you can enjoy the films.


Avoid the idea to neglect the power of £1 because you can do many things with this amount of money. It is undeniable that these days, it is hard to stretch a pound very far. Nonetheless, when you do research, many things you can actually do with it. Aside from downloading songs from iTunes, purchasing theatre tickets is also possible. Moreover, you can also print photos and entertain with a large selection of online bingo games. Those who enjoy exciting adventures can visit a virtual museum from their PCs or mobile phones. Whatever your choice may be, one thing is for sure, £1 can bring you something fun or practical.

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