The Best Flowers to Send Mom This Mother’s Day 

Mother’s day is special and magical for a lot of people, but most of us are lost on what to get our moms. Mother’s day flowers are the ideal present. Not only do they go perfectly with any other mother’s day present you might have, but you can also find all sorts of flowers that would match your mom’s personality and interests. 

If you really want to make your present meaningful, think about what those flowers mean in the language of flowers. This is where you have the ability to make your present extra meaningful – keep reading to learn about various flowers fit to gift your mom on Mother’s Day, what they mean, and even some bouquet ideas if you want to arrange them yourself


Tulips are known for deep love and perfect love when it comes to flower language, and we feel like it’s the perfect message to be giving your mother on Mother’s Day. 

Not only are tulips beautiful, but they’re also available in a whole range of colors. You can either choose a bouquet of flowers that are your mom’s favorite color. Most tulip bouquets are long and lean, and you might not get a bouquet that’s “bursting” with flowers. 

Tulip bouquets aren’t going to have a lot of elements either – the beauty in this present is the simplicity, and this will be highlighted with the help of just the blooms and the leaves of a tulip plant. 


If you want to choose a flower that matches your mom’s personality, Orchids would be the flowers you give to someone poised, elegant, and feminine – that’s what the pink ones most commonly represent. Orchids can also be gifted as a plant instead of a bouquet for your mom who has a green thumb, and are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. 

The more common meaning for Orchids is luxury, beauty, strength, and love, but different colors of the plant are also known to stand for different things – the language of flowers relies heavily on symbolism and contextual meaning, which is what makes it so meaningful and interesting to so many people. 

Blue orchids symbolize spirituality, yellow orchids stand for happiness, white symbolize purity, and purple orchids symbolize authority and dignity. 


Peonies are flowers that leave an impression – they’re large, smell amazing, and come in colors ranging from red, to pink, to white. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to get your hands on purple peonies. What all these flowers have in common is that they stand for things like good fortune and honor, and most of the interpretations of what this flower means agree that it’s something revolving prosperity. 

If you want to wish your mom good luck for what’s ahead, or symbolize something deeper, like giving her and her support credit for the prosperity in your life, this flower is the way to go. The best part is that these flowers would be the perfect centerpiece for dinner parties, and would fit right in with most living room decor.


Perhaps the most popular flower, roses are a favorite for every occasion be it romantic or otherwise. Different colors of the flower have different meanings, like pink flowers that stand for gratidue and happiness, white stand for purity, red stand for love and passion, yellow stand for happiness, and so on.

Because of their popularity, roses are the easiest flowers to get. In fact, there are now even miniature rose plants you can gift your mom to grow indoors, which yield the same colorful blooms as full sized rose plants would. There’s no end to the way rose flowers can be styled in bouquets, from gothic to cheerful, to pastel shades with white backgrounds, to colorful busts of roses that can add warmth and personality to any room or table. 


If you want something that expresses gratitude as well as love, get your mom a bouquet of hydrangeas. These flowers, too, come in all sorts of colors and are known for their loudness and organized chaos. If your mom is slightly messy, loves music, parties, and is still young at heart, get her some hydrangeas to make the day more special. 

You can also give her pre-potted hydrangeas, which are a great option for anyone who wants to make the flowers last a while instead of just displaying them for a while before having to get rid of them. 

Hydrangea bouquets don’t have a lot of additional, non-flower elements, and this is because the flowers themselves are so wide and chaotic that anything else in between just looks strange or takes away from the charm of the flowers themselves. You can, however, get creative with the parchment and the ribbons on the bouquet, and get something dull or even glittery – whatever you feel looks best. 


This flower plainly means happiness, and it can be used to symbolize happy times that you’ve spent with your mother, express gratitude for the happy life she gave you, or simply use it as a way to say “Happy Mother’s Day”. 

A bouquet of gerberas would be colorful, bright, and cheerful. Despite the large size of the flowers, adding leaves, trigs, and other smaller flowers to the arrangement will fit in well with them. In fact, you can add some green and white to the bouquet to counter the bright colors and shades. 


Flowers are beautiful and meaningful ways to express love and warmth on any occasion in life, and they’re as fitting a present as any for Mother’s Day too. Accompany your mother’s day bouquet with something else that would make your mom happy, like a new dress, a box of chocolates, some jewelry, or gift cards to her favorite stores. 

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