The Best Tour of an Island With a European Theme in Animal Crossing:

This island has a European motif throughout its design. It’s very high quality. Before I got started, I gave it a quick glance. I started keeping track of the fact that this island is very enchanted and that it features a lot of attractions. To put it simply, the island is breathtaking. Please go to the description below and click on any links you see there if you want to see your features on my channel. I was able to discover it.

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 I’m sure we’ll get it. You know, look, fine, how about we begin right now? We are going to travel by ABS across the island occupied by the European team so that he can meet the people he is interested in.

Take a look at the front door. It’s wonderful. Holy cow, take a look at this. This island has captivated my heart and won my affection. Wow, tell me about the beach’s attractions. Take a gander at this.   Oh, my God,Look at this, I can’t believe I’ve never considered myself to be on my beach before!

I mean, I have a cheeky bar, but the bite of the tavern chair is nothing like what you’ll find at my establishment. A divider can be found in this area. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful. Okay, I want to make sure I can get there. There is not even a single bridge in this area. There is nothing. All right, let’s come over here, and then, oh, I think that’s what you’re thinking.

It’s not a legitimate bridge at all. This bridge was constructed by humans. It’s awesome, so how about we head over here? Oh, it’s like a little store or something. In the registry of the old school, it has a charming appearance. Since I just arrived on the island, I have no idea what I’m looking at, so I ask that you please be patient with me. This is going to be something that we create together.

There is a delicious pizza here. There has got to be some kind of pizza on that island. It is located in a cozy coffee shop and bakery.

 Okay, let’s go in. Er, we’ve hit a brick wall. Let’s figure out where we’re going next. Hello there, we’ve arrived. Let’s check my location, shall we? It’s a gas station, but it’s been abandoned for quite some time. It’s adorable!

The pig is over here. Oh, wonderful. I saw a path. What do we have here? This beach might be off-limits to the public. There is the “Oh, wow, look, great” expression. I think it’s nice that she has these lampposts.

The colors have a rough appearance. It works out exceptionally well for this group. Rockets are involved in everything and even rockets. These, uh, these, uh, this iron fence right here is really nice. My best guess is that this is the house.

As a side note, why don’t we go to the front store and take a look around? You have not yet completed that task. Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket‘s got a nice bathroom. Yes, I am looking for a thousand different types of submarines. I’m currently in the 220s. But as you are probably aware, I got a late start with my streaming, and as a result, I’m going to have to adjust my pace accordingly.

Indeed, this is the reason why all of the boxes need to be stored in the basement. All right, all right, all right, let’s keep moving forward with our trip and explore other areas of the island. Island filled with wonder. Wow, all of the particulars; I included each and every beach on this island.

Are you familiar with this type of island? On my channel, we might watch it 300–400 times in total. Even if there are other islands, this one is one of the larger ones that have Youtubers. On this island, I will watch the show 10,000 times.

The names of these bridges are foreign to me, but if I understand correctly, the canoe should be able to cross over here. Under the bridge, there is a passage that will take you to the opposite side. Europe is not a region that I am familiar with. I guess I’ve seen movies. You should know that I enjoy going to the movies, which is why I recognize it. That portion is located right there, along with one Bonnie who is doing an excellent job, and the other bond is located here. Wow, this one has been around for a while.

There is a store owned by her there. Very good. It’s a wonderful human being. Maple leaves are spread across the floor of this model, which is good. Wow, that’s incredible! Wow, that’s my island in the background there. We encouraged you to get a good look at these islands from where you are, so you did.

Okay, let’s take a look around: I see some naked cookies and a glass of milk. Oh my goodness, this is really fascinating. What exactly do we have in this room? I like her. She has these shops on all of these different houses, and they go together beautifully. Take a gander at this.  

It appears to be an addition that was built onto the house. Wow, that really hits the mark. You are aware that you ought to find someone to go camping with. This is Polina chatting about the animal kingdom. Let’s not waste any time and look at the map. This is Abby’s plea to Abby, because she made it possible for me to travel to her island and spend time there.

This is the person who started the pasima poppy poppy and pappy brands. Blair bonesTony GonzoThe story of Goldilocks and KyleOh, Goldie, and Chris, you’ve got it just right. The founder has devoted a significant amount of time and energy to this important endeavor. These bridges are appealing to me.

Despite the fact that we build specialized bridges here, we also have a coffee shop in this location. Yes, you’ve found yourself in a coffee shop with Maestro chairs and cable. This is wonderful. I really like the design that is on the floor.

This uh Street pad has cracks on the floor to make it look, uh, like you know, uh, like you know, but we have capable sisters and Luke’s grandmother here. Oh my goodness, she has something that is able to fit in so wonderfully with the gaps in the news. Aside from the fact that the top of the store is brown and the crack is blue, animal crossing new horizons bells it blends in perfectly; the only thing that detracts from the effect is the color difference between the two. Take a look at the top and the bottom of the structure. Great.

Where does that leave your sister? I want to test whether or not you have a good view of this person’s face. I’ll pat his green. Wow, I see you’ve found the ladder to success. What have I failed to mention here? That confirms there is nothing in this location.

Let’s go to the basement, or let’s just stay here. LunaOK, let me go. Let’s go check out what this place has to offer. Take a gander at this.   I am presently examining this.

All right, there is nothing to see here. I want to tell you that I was impressed by this project, so I shouted to Abby from ABS crosses. OK, I think I’ve covered the whole island. I want to tell you that I was impressed by this project. I will provide a link to her Instagram account and put an emphasis on her throughout the ensuing description. Do not overlook the importance of clicking the “like” button, subscribing to my channel, and following me on any of the links that are included in the following description. If you want to get your island, er, visit, er, follow me on the discipline tick tock, er, Facebook group, er, and instagram, send me a message. If you want to get your island, er, visit, er, follow me on the discipline tick tock, er, and Facebook group, er. I really hope that you all enjoy this island, and I really hope that I get to visit some other stunning islands in the future.

In this form, it works wonderfully. I am grateful to Abby for providing me with this opportunity. Remember to keep an eye on the content that’s been moved to the left. The content that can be found on the right is excellent. Take a look at my list. You can see that I have a lot of beautiful islands to visit, but this one is definitely up there with the best of them. I am grateful that you decided to watch.

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