The Brightline Train from Miami To Orlando

Your trip into Orlando is about to get much easier in the year 2022 with the help of the Brightline Train. Many Floridians dread the idea of getting into the car and travelling from Miami to Orlando. A new eco friendly high speed rail system is making this process faster than ever before. The high speed rail construction is half underway for a proposed extension to Orlando. The construction will include an extension from West Palm Beach to the international airport and deliver a 4.2 billion dollar private investment to the region.

The new Brightline railway will link Miami to the Orlando airport and create a much faster path for travellers across the state. The Brightline Railway is employing 1000 workers across a 170 mile project and this will likely create up to 10,000 jobs over an 8 year period. When the railway is completed it will stretch over 235 miles across Florida, making it one of the most significant privately funded infrastructure projects created in the USA thus far. The project has an expected completion date of late 2022 and the railway could eventually be linked up with other transportation networks across the USA. Brightline has plans to link up the railway with Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami and there are plans to include additional stations in Aventura, Boca Raton, Tampa and more. 

The investment in the region and the speed of rail moving forwards could represent an excellent way that travellers could make their way across the state and expansions for travellers to Disney. Orlando is a major travel destination within Florida and having an alternate means for making it into the area could mean an excellent path for travellers moving forwards. 

With such big changes to the region, we will be watching closely to see how this changes travel in the region and how the expansion process continues across the state as well. 

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