The exciting Deodhar Trophy

Nobody can doubt that India is one of the most cricket-loving nations in the world. For this reason, it is possible to find countless competitions of the sport being played at any given time. Those who want to try their luck can place a bet online on, which can be done on all these championships.

One of the most interesting tournaments of this kind is the Deodhar Trophy. This is a List A cricket competition played purely by domestic teams in the country. The namesake of the competition is D. B. Deodhar, who is one of the most legendary cricket players in the country. Currently, on 1xBet fans can place an online bet on any team that participates in this competition.

How this competition came to be

Local cricket tournaments in India have been celebrated for a long time. However, in the 1970s it was decided to set up a new List A championships with teams from all zones of the country. That’s how the Deodhar Trophy came to be. Its first edition was celebrated between 1973 and 1974. Those who visit the 1xBet website – cricket betting in India will encounter tons of options to make their wagers on the current editions of the championship.

The format of the competition is quite simple. During most of it, teams follow a standard round-robin format. This means that all the squads that participate in the Deodhar Trophy play against each other. Once the round-robin stage is completed, the two best teams of the season will play a final match, which is followed by millions in India. The 1xBet India website is the best cricket betting platform in the country, and it covers all the stages of the Deodhar Trophy. 

Lots of teams from all over the country

In the Deodhar Trophy it is possible to find different kinds of teams. When visiting, fans will discover that they can make live bets on any of them. The three main types of squads that participate in the competition include:

  • Indian national teams, which are named India A, India B and India C;
  • squads that represent macro-zones of the country, such as South Zone, East Zone, Central Zone, etc.
  • and also, teams that represent individual states, such as Tamil Nadu.

This wide variety of squads give this competition quite an interesting twist. This is the reason why it’s followed by millions in India and in other countries around the world. The 1xBet website offers its members the chance to place wagers on all these squads.

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