The Marketer’s Guide to Must-Have Website Integrations

It’s no secret that WordPress is used by many businesses in Los Angeles (including software development services). As a highly reliable and mature platform with a large development community, an intuitive content management system (CMS), and an extensive library of plugins, it can do almost any task you set out to accomplish with your website.

WordPress plugins for eCommerce, SEO management, plugins for creating forms, and plugins for virtually everything else you can think of are available.

How do you deal with the situation when you have a unique circumstance or a specific business need for which none of these plugins can provide the particular functionality you require? This is when “custom integrations,” whether you’re working with WordPress or another platform, become crucial to your company objectives.

What is website integration?

If you’ve ever wondered what “custom software development Los Angeles“ means, here’s your answer: Basically, it implies creating a unique software solution that is tailored to your individual needs. To a full-fledged content management system, this code might transfer data across databases. Since each is unique, such integrations may take hours or even weeks of work.

To assist your organization in combining your website, software, systems, or platforms with each other, custom integrations are typically necessary. For instance, an ERP or CRM system may be seamlessly integrated with a company’s website to provide a seamless user experience for visitors.

Why is website integration important?

A custom integration may be necessary for the following situations:

Is it really necessary to link a 20-year-old ERP system operating in the basement to a public form so that customers can simply submit support requests through your website? Make use of a bespoke web-based interface.

No matter how many years you’ve had an Excel spreadsheet with all of your locations in it, there’s a good chance you’d want to put those places on a map but don’t want to give up your current method of updating your list. Custom website integration is required.

Do you have to give your customers’ data hidden in an offline database that no one can find? Customize the integration to your liking.

What is the difference between a website integration and API?

The fundamentals of integration are concerned with making data exchanges between your website and another application as seamless as possible. Two apps can interact via an API (application programming interface). In order to retrieve information from another system, you will often need an API key.

How do custom integrations work?

It’s at this point that the term “custom” enters the conversation. Code for a bespoke integration is usually the work of an experienced programmer.

That’s why you’ll likely need a reliable web design and development partner that can assess your requirements and help you achieve your unique objectives.

A professional website design business will sit down with your organization’s key stakeholders, examine and record your present website architecture, and devise a solution to incorporate the additional functionality that you want. This may include using hooks and APIs (application program interfaces) already present in your current software solution or creating a mechanism to export data from your software in a more universal manner.

Once a bespoke solution has been created, the ultimate aim is for no one to be aware of its presence. The best bespoke integrations work quietly in the background, undetected. It’s like having a robot butler at your office, which may save you a lot of time each week by replacing a manual procedure.

Suppose you automate one manual process in your business. In that case, you may discover that other manual procedures appear dated, and additional custom integrations will be needed.

Examples of some integrations

1. Pure Chat

Do you want to have a one-on-one conversation with the people that visit your website? While a popular live chat server, Pure Chat lets you follow and interact with clients as they visit your site. With this program, you can do so much, from customizing your chat box’s style to collecting discussion transcripts from customers to converting your chat box into an email form if your staff isn’t online.

With a few easy steps, you can set up Pure Chat on your new website and guarantee that you and your customers will always be able to communicate.

2. MailChimp

For internet marketing, email is still king. You don’t want to overlook the marketing possibilities of Facebook since it has a bigger audience, greater click-through rates, and more conversions than any other platform.

In terms of email marketing software, Mailchimp is among the best. Fortunately for you, we can integrate Mailchimp with your new site. Configure specialized email marketing campaigns in Mailchimp for your new site and then integrate their sign-up forms.

3. Google Tracking Tag

A vital indicator of performing your website is its analytic data. You can learn a lot about your SEO, website, marketing, and audience targeting by tracking things like demographics, bounce rate, and time spent on pages.

Of course, Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics software in the world today. It’s never been simpler to add the Google Tracking Tag to your site, thanks to the Google Tracking Tag’s simple integration.

4. Shopify

Everything but an online shop is in place for your unique new product to enter the market. For a good reason, Shopify is now the current ecommerce darling, unless you’ve been hiding out under a rock. An all-inclusive platform, Shopify allows customers to construct a shop, collect payments and monitor stock and handle sales all in one place.

The Shopify app is essential if you want to sell things. Learn how to effortlessly connect your Shopify shop or specific store goods directly to your new website.

5. Eventbrite

What a significant event you’re organizing, but you need to get the word out about it. The world’s biggest event technology platform, Eventbrite, is the obvious choice. Events can be created, visitors can be managed, and money can be collected all from inside the platform using Eventbrite’s connection.

Event planning software can help you stay on track and guarantee that your message gets out there.


There are many additional instances of unique integrations we’ve made for our clients (and their customers), including several award-winning websites. As a result, if you believe your website may benefit from a bespoke integration by a software development company Los Angeles, please contact us. We’ll be right here, ready to assist you with your web development (and robot butler) needs.

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