The Most Creative Food-Pairing Combinations for a Moscow Mule

Hundreds of food pairings go with almost any alcoholic beverage, including the classic Moscow Mule. The key is to think about what goes well with the flavors in that particular drink or cocktail. If you don’t know where to start, check out this handy food pairing guide for Moscow Mules.

What is a Moscow Mule?

A Moscow Mule is a cocktail made with ginger beer, lime juice, and ginger syrup. It’s then combined with vodka and served in a copper mug, creating a unique and refreshing beverage. (For a friendly and easy recipe, try this Absolut Drinks Moscow Mule.)

The idea of a Moscow Mule is that the ginger in the ginger beer balances out the lime juice, which adds acidity and a nice citrus flavor. The vodka is the star of the show in this drink and works well with many foods.

Some general rules to follow:

  • Use complementing flavors – Choose foods with ginger or lime flavors that will enhance the taste of the cocktail.
  • Light Proteins – The make-up of this cocktail works better with lighter meats like seafood and chicken. Heavier meats like steak or venison can be very overpowering for the flavor.
  • Experiment – Don’t be afraid to play with flavor profiles as you test your combinations. You never know when you’ll unlock a beautiful new taste!

Thai Food

Thai food is an excellent choice for pairing with a Moscow Mule. Lime and ginger are key ingredients in Thai cuisine, making it a good match with the Moscow Mule. Ginger also has a great aroma which complements the smell of Thai food. This is an excellent opportunity to try dishes like tom yum goong, a Thai soup with lime and ginger.


One of the most delicious seafood pairings is shrimp and ginger. Shrimp contains minerals, vitamins, and minerals that help your body get the health benefits of ginger. Enhance the flavor of your cocktail by sauteing some shrimp and adding ginger, red chilies, and scallions. You can also make a shrimp ginger stir-fry with ginger scallion rice.

Mexican Food

The spiciness of ginger is an excellent fit for Mexican food. Lime is essential for a Moscow Mule and is a critical ingredient in many Mexican dishes. Try pairing your cocktail with a tasty chicken, pork taco, or some Pollo a la Plancha. Borrowing from the seafood tip above, you could make some delicious shrimp ceviche. You can also experiment with a Moscow Mule margarita.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great fall or winter vegetable to pair with a Moscow Mule. Sweet potatoes balance the tartness of ginger and lime perfectly. They can be eaten as a side dish or mashed and baked into sweet potato casserole. You can also add sweet potatoes to the other suggested recipes, like tacos or veggies for a stir-fry.


Mild curries are great matches for a Moscow Mule. It’s a quintessential dish in Indian cuisine, and it’s a familiar favorite across the world. Ginger is a ubiquitous component of curry dishes, making it a surprisingly excellent complement to the cocktail. For best results, stick to lighter proteins like chicken, or go vegetarian.


Moscow Mules make excellent cocktails for pairing with rich, spice-filled foods. The drink’s ginger base perfectly matches bolder, earthier dishes. It’s a perfect cocktail for fall and winter, but you can enjoy it year-round.

If you try pairing Moscow Mules with food, you might as well go all the way. Make a Moscow Mule meal and invite some friends over. Make sure you serve it in a pure copper mug on ice. You’ll find the flavor is simply unmatched!

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