The Practice of Gratitude: How It Works and What Its Magic Is

If you learn to say thank you for what you already have today, you can get much more of what you dream of. Does that sound unlikely? In fact, that’s exactly how the practice of gratitude works. Except that in this case, you also need to know how to be thankful in the right way.

What Is the Practice of Gratitude?

It’s a powerful tool that helps your brain see the opportunities and resources around you and shift your attention from the negative to the positive.

Robert Emmons, professor of psychology and gratitude researcher at UCLA, explains that there are two key components to practicing gratitude. The first is that through this practice we affirm all the good we have received. And the second is recognizing the role that other people play in providing us with good things in our lives. At the same time, we must not forget about ourselves. During the practice, we should also say thank you for our own achievements.

Moreover, it’s possible to be thankful not only for some significant events (like the birth of a child or a change of profession) but also just for ordinary everyday little things. For example, for the fact that in the morning, you were not late for work (although the probability was high). Or for the fact that you finally tried playing free & real money slots online. Every day we are surrounded by hundreds of such pleasant moments. But, unfortunately, we rarely notice them.

How It Is Used

Science links gratitude to many benefits. For example, Emmons’ research shows that simply keeping a gratitude journal (the most popular way) can significantly increase well-being and life satisfaction. Besides, the practice helps improve sleep, mood, and even immunity. Also, gratitude helps to make wishes come true.

When you say thank you for all the good things you already have in your life, as well as for what you would like to get (it works like affirmations), then you show the Universe that you appreciate its work and are ready to accept something new. Thus, you trigger the law of attraction. And since your brain concentrates on good things, it will attract similar things to you.

How to Practice

As we said, the most popular way is to start a gratitude journal. Indeed, the practice works better when you outline in writing everything you are thankful for today. It’s even better if you write every day. For example, a few items in the evening. Or vice versa, in the morning. So, you can give thanks for the good day ahead. And with greater probability, it will pass for you easily.

Keeping a diary works because it gradually changes our perception of the situation, adjusting what we focus on. But it is also possible to give thanks for unfulfilled desires. For example, if you need a new job or want to move, thank the Universe as if it has already happened. So you will increase your chances of having your cherished dream come true.

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