There will be a breast augmentation. Top-muscle enhancement vs. Under-muscle augmentation

Breast augmentation in the past There will be 2 types of material placed: over the muscle. under the muscle which has different advantages and disadvantages.

muscle augmentation (Subglandular plane) the doctor will do it easily. No need to stretch the muscles (pectoralis major muscles) after surgery, so it hurts less. and less blood loss but the disadvantage is If the patient has thin skin and we add on the muscles, there will be nothing to cover the material. So there is a chance to feel the edge of the material. naturalness will be less and the study found muscle augmentation There is a chance of having a capsular contracture, making the chest hard. more deformed in the future

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Subpectoral plane augmentation is where material is placed under the pectoralis major muscle. The advantage is that it looks more natural. because there is a muscle covering the material. Less chance of touching the edge of the material and less likely to have fibrosis, capsular contracture but the disadvantage is The doctor had to lift the muscle up and put a silicone under it. After the surgery, it hurts more. more blood loss and there is a chance that the material will move from the compression of the muscles

But the medical evolution of breast augmentation surgery in modern times This is more modern Therefore, a method was invented. Combine the advantages of the above two methods together. and reduce the problem or Disadvantages of the above two methods

That is the method known as Dual Plane and Subfascial plane.

Dual plane is to put the material in 2 layers. By allowing the muscles to cover the material only on the upper part, the upper part of the material is below the muscle and the lower part of the material is above the muscle.

Subfascial plane is the placement of material under the muscle membrane. which is the middle layer between the north and south muscles

Dual plane, 2 layers of augmentation above the muscle below the muscle

And with the specific technique of Bangmod Hospital, where we have more than 30 years of experience in breast surgery, we will focus on the best results, which are the least pain, the wound heals quickly, the new breasts that look beautiful, soft and the most natural shape.

In conclusion, breast augmentation surgery has good results. how should be

6 main items that are called “good results” of breast augmentation

  1. Safe surgery No medical complications
  2. Natural shape And the size is suitable for each person’s chest structure. not too big
  3. The appearance of the two breasts is similar (symmetry) and the chest looks closer.
  4. It is soft to the touch like real breast meat. Not hard, can’t feel the edge of the material
  5. Small surgical wound, smooth, not a convex scar.
  6. The surgery was less painful, less swelling, and returned to normal life quickly.

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