Timeless T-Shirt Design Ideas for Your Squad Goals

Being a coach of a sports team or a team leader of a corporate group boosting morale is essential. Nothing boosts confidence better than having a tangible symbol of being part of a team. For a sports team, a jersey is a uniform, and they wear any outfit with their team colors. In a corporate setting, people usually power dress to boost confidence. Now, dress-down policies give them room for expression. 

For this purpose, a well-designed squad tee is recommended! Tees are light, comfortable, and versatile. Having a t-shirt that has your team’s logo not only boosts morale but is also excellent memorabilia. But what design out of hundreds and thousands of ideas will you choose? To give you some inspiration, we have prepared a list of timeless t shirt design for you:

Event Memorabilia

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Companies usually have social gatherings and events like “year-end parties” or company anniversaries. Having a team t-shirt makes you and your team as one unit with a unique design gives an impression. Make it enjoyable with an image related to your work or a favorite catchphrase. 

Most would choose a black or white shirt as a base excellent for prints that have vibrant colors. Go with some bright shades of green, yellow, or orange if you go with plain text. It is an excellent way to show team spirit by having the same tees.

Jersey or Sport Theme

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Sports fanatics are most likely very familiar with jerseys or sports uniforms. It has two parts: the part that makes you a part of a team, a team logo, or a name. And a piece that identifies an individual, your name, and jersey number.

Each one is printed for a member. Now you can use that by making your jersey. Make your fictional team or, if permitted, one from your favorite sports team. A sports-themed jersey tee can provide someone with a sense of belonging, while still showing individuality. Having a jersey shirt is an excellent way to make everyone special.

For a Cause or a Movement

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For the past few years, we have seen people wearing statement shirts. Having a slogan or a name of a movement in a shirt is a great way to be one in a group. Instead of inspiring activism, you add something positive and of good vibes. 

Have a catchphrase or a slogan and jazz it up with a multicolored print on a black or white tee. Or have a black or white print on a color tee. Experiment with fonts or some simple image to make it more hip and youthful. A statement shirt is a stylish way of wearing your opinion.

Have a Mascot

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Nothing beats a mascot as a group logo, whether existing, fictional, prehistoric. Anything between, you have a variety of spirit animals to select. With that wide range of selection, the question is which one? From the unicorn to a dog, create something representing your squad.

You can seek help from a layout artist to materialize your thoughts into pen and paper then into your tee. Or you can use tools online to help you visualize. Many apps and programs could help you design your mascot.

Go For a Retro Vibe 

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What is considered the most timeless? Going retro! Designs from funk, new wave, to the early noughties. Some have vibrant colors. Some are monotone and formal. Throwback designs that can’t be thrown away for their impact on culture. It is excellent to remember the good old days. Taking a nod to the era or making your twist go retro makes the creative route easier. The theme is already there, and it only needs your input. 

You may put a squad name or a catchphrase with that retro vibe for a fresh take of a classic design. A retro shirt is a nice piece of memorabilia for reunions or a themed party that celebrates the era. 

Things to Remember

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As we all know, design for a shirt needs uniqueness, not only to make it your own but also for legal reasons. Though art is forgiving to some degree, some may seek to protect their intellectual rights. So avoid putting images of some celebrities or a company logo or anything that the owner licenses. Always check for copyright. Declare if you are creating something inspired by the source material. 

But don’t be critical of the theme of your design. Nothing is new under the sun, so having a few similarities is ok. So let your creativity flow. Make your squad shirt fun for everyone, whether it is an original or inspired by an idea. 

Squad Spirit

Creating your own custom t-shirts is easy with our suggestions. You can make any shirt design for any event or for boosting morale. Team building with squad shirts is a great way to kick off a year. A squad shirt is more than a uniform but a sense of belongingness to a campaign. So let your team be one with an awesome t-shirt.

Now, if you are on the lookout for a t-shirt, Printailor will help you realize your creativity. With competitive prices and local support, it is always ready to fulfill your t-shirt printing needs.

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