What Are the Are Different Types of Drums That Exist Today?

Did you know drums are among the oldest musical instruments? They’re essential to all kinds of musical compositions and come in a wide variety of types and styles. Whether you want to get your start in the music industry or take up a new hobby, learning about the types of drums is a great first step.

Read on to learn more about the different types of drums and how you can become a drummer!

Know the Types of Drums in a Set

Although drums have changed over the years, the typical modern drum set is made from hardwoods like maple, birch, or walnut. Depending on your skill level or style of music, your drum set may need more or fewer drums. Here are the basic percussion instruments that make up a drum set:

Bass Drum – sometimes called the “kick drum,” this is the largest drum in the set. You play it using a foot pedal, and it helps keep the beat of the music.

Snare – the snare drum is made from metal and has a set of metal snares on the underside that give the drum its signature snappy sound. 

Floor Tom – The floor tom produces a low rumbling sound. It’s often used for transitional beats called “drum fills.”

Rack Toms – These are smaller tomtom drums that are mounted on a rack above the bass drum. Rack toms come in different sizes to produce varying high and low tones.

Bongos – many drummers incorporate bongo drums for a unique sound. The best bongos are made from hardwood, and feature raw animal hides as skins. Bongos are typically played with your hands. 

Traditional Vs. Electric Drums

While many people enjoy the room-filling sound of traditional acoustic drums, there are instances when an electric drum set is a better fit. Electronic drums use plastic and rubber drum pads that are connected to a computer. You can program each drum pad with a different sound.

If you are practicing and playing drums in a small space like an apartment, or if you need to control the volume of your drums, electric drums are a great option. You can plug in headphones and jam without disturbing anyone.

Learn to Play

Many drummers are self-taught. Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac fame is one of the most accomplished drummers of all time, and he never took a formal lesson. However, the intricacies of playing drums can make it challenging for people to feel successful without some direction.

If you’ve always wanted to play drums, it’s a good idea to seek out a professional instructor. Drum lessons at Sloan School of Music can help you learn how to play different kinds of percussion, read music, and play as part of a musical ensemble.

Find Your Rhythm

Many types of drums comprise a modern drum set. Each has its own purpose and sound. When you bring them together, they make up an essential instrument in a musical ensemble. 

Once you learn about the different kinds of drums, you might be interested in taking lessons to learn how to play. A professional instructor will help you learn the right skills to find your rhythm and drop some beats!

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