What Are The Signs Of a Sewer Blockage

A clogged sewage line might be dangerous and have adverse health effects. If the sewage line is stopped for an extended period, tainted water is carried, a foul smell is disseminated, and the quality of life is ruined. 

The signs of a clogged sewage line should not be disregarded. If you see these signs call a drain specialist to get Sewer and Drain Services.

Slow Draining 

When the sewage line is stopped, water does not drain out at the standard rate. Rather, it empties away more slowly. Take note of the water’s flow rate as it leaves the bathtub, sink, or toilet.  

If only one drain has a slowdown, the issue is with that one unique drain. If everything slows down, there may be an obstruction in the sewage system.

Sewer Smell

Sewer odors should be contained within the pipeline except for plumbing vents. Therefore, if you smell sewage smell coming from any of the property’s drains, it may indicate that the sewer line’s integrity has been compromised or that there is blocked wastewater that has been held in the pipe. Hire a drain specialist to do the work. 

Water Backing Up 

A sign of clogged sewage lines is water backing up from plumbing fixtures. Diverse drains overflow when a sewage pipe becomes clogged. 

For instance, when you flush the toilet, water will likely overflow into the bathtub, the sink may burst, and the toilet or shower drain may recirculate water from the washing machine. Do not forget that a blocked main sewer line is not always caused by difficulties with a single drain. 

Low Water Pressure 

Low water pressure from fixtures is one indication that there is a clogged sewage system. Water is trickling slowly from every faucet, which might indicate that the sewage line is clogged. 

Low water pressure from several faucets is an indicator to inspect the sewage lines. If just one fixture is affected by the poor water flow, then only that particular water line is at fault.

Clogged Drains 

When dirt, oil, or hair gets lodged in the drain, it clogs. The blocked drains are opened by plunging and chemicals. It is an indication of a clogged sewage system when obstructions continue to occur despite the use of acids.

Multiple Plumbing Fixtures Blocked

This would be the most conclusive indication of a clog in the sewer. The problem can be a blockage in the main line. Try the following tests; if any of them is affirmative, you probably have a major sewer line obstruction.

When you flush one of the property’s toilets, water backs up in the bathtub or shower drain.

Water backs up when you use the dishwasher, toilet, and washing machine at the same time. 

If you run water from a sink next to a toilet and the water in the toilet starts to bubble or the water level rises if none of the property’s drains are draining at all well. Contact a company for sewer and drain services. 


Sewer blockage is a serious issue and if ignored can result in health issues. Only a professional should do the sewer cleanup. Get sewer and drain services, by calling a Drain Specialist.

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