What Do Guests Consider Luxury in a Hotel

A Salamanca Wharf Hotel in Hobart CBD 

Who doesn’t love a luxurious stay in a hotel? When away from home, you can leave all your stresses far away while enjoying treats that make you feel like a king or queen. But what do guests consider luxury in a hotel? What are the features that mark the difference between a standard hotel and a luxury hotel? 

Firstly, what are some of the most luxurious hotels in Hobart’s central business district? When it comes to luxury in this location, most people think of the Salamanca Wharf Hotel and MACQ01. The latter allows visitors to indulge in the stories of the waterfront – this includes the Mouheneenner people and the first Europeans to visit the location. If you like a story with your hotel, this option is definitely one of the best in Hobart’s CBD. 

Thankfully, Hobart is full of luxury hotels, so you have lots of options when scanning the market. But let’s return to the question posed in the introduction – what makes a luxury hotel…well, a luxury hotel? What do guests consider luxury in a hotel?

Dining, Art, Views, Bars 

In truth, there are many different components. Many of the important factors are broken down in this section: 

Dining – Firstly, guests love to have fine dining options. This includes the atmosphere, ambience, decoration, and other factors as well as the menu itself. Guests want to eat a delicious meal in the restaurant of the hotel without having to leave and find another eatery. 

Art – Guests also think that art makes a difference in a luxury hotel – hanging on the walls of the communal areas, art adds character to a space and gives people something to look at and enjoy even while in a queue. As well as the communal areas, art also makes a difference in the room itself. It makes the room feel more like a home rather than having to stare at blank walls. 

Views – Interestingly, another factor that marks luxury in a hotel is views. Why is this interesting? Because it’s a signal of a broader important factor – location. Guests want to stay in a nice location while enjoying this area of Hobart’s CBD with amazing views. As you can imagine, people would much rather overlook the water, beautiful buildings, and other stunning views than a car park. The taller the hotel, the more likely it is to offer beautiful views of the surrounding area. 

In addition to views, guests also pay attention to how they can look over the views. For example, a floor-to-ceiling window will make a space look bigger while also allowing guests to see more of the view from their room. 

Bars – Just as you saw with the dining options, guests love to have bars in their hotel too. When spending time with loved ones, they can share a drink in the bar before then making the short trip up to their room. Without a bar, guests must spend this time elsewhere and then get back to their room. When in a hotel bar, they don’t need to constantly keep an eye on their watches because they’re already just a couple of minutes from their rooms. 

Elsewhere, guests also consider customer service, room service, and cleanliness. They believe that luxury hotels should be spotless with sparkling bathrooms and clean bedsheets, and anything that doesn’t conform to this expectation will remove the luxury air of the whole experience. 

Thankfully, hotels like MACq01 check all the boxes and offer a stay to remember in Hobart’s CBD!

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