What’s the Best Time to Hit the Slopes in Whistler?

There are some folks who really love to hit the slopes. In fact, there are some folks who would live in winter conditions year-round just to be able to hit the slopes whenever they want. If you’re one of these winter weather lovers, you have probably heard of Whistler, British Columbia. And if you’re looking to purchase a new home soon, then researching Whistler homes for sale is a great idea. Let’s go over some important details regarding mountain life in Whistler.

Whistler’s Blackcomb

Blackcomb is North America’s largest ski resort with over 200 marked trails that span 2 mountains and over 8,000 acres of terrain. You won’t be able to experience all the mountain has to offer in one day. There is also backcountry riding access in the Garibaldi Provincial National Park. In recent years, backcountry skiing has grown in popularity due to its untouched and unpatrolled conditions.

If skiing isn’t your expertise, there is the Whistler Mountain bike park and plenty of mountain dining as well. You’re sure to find something you enjoy doing on the mountain. After all, it is a popular tourist destination so there are activities for all walks of life.

However, you’re most certainly going to need to stay at least a week if you decide to vacation here. This is advisable if you plan on eventually moving to the area. It is also advisable if you are looking for a Canadian getaway. This mountain range is so large that they created an app so you can track the various types of weather before you head out on your adventures.

Work on the Mountain

Many tourist towns offer something along the same lines as what Blackcomb offers. Since this part of British Columbia is most popular during the winter months, it isn’t difficult to find employment on the mountain during its peak season. There are options to work at the resort, as slope operators, and restaurant positions too.

However, don’t be alarmed thinking you are only able to work here during the winter. There are plenty of positions that are offered for year-round work. You could even work on the mountain but live in one of the nearby communities such as Bayshores, Creekside, and Whistler Cay.

Restaurants are another popular workplace for many locals. With visitors from every part of the world and some of those that have immigrated bring many cuisines to be enjoyed. You are able to find Thai quite easily, Oysters and seafood galore, and the always-popular traditional French Canadian cooking.

Be Here in the Winter

The best time to find the freshest snow is going to be in the winter months between January and March. You’ll also find that many folks visit for the skiing but what brings them back are the many apres-ski activities. Many of the best places to not only ski but also hang are those that are slope-side.

As you may be able to deduce by this point, many of the activities and amenities are centered around skiing and other mountain sports. If you are looking to hit the slopes when there are a bit fewer visitors, the best time is around mid-January. However, if skiing or snowboarding isn’t really your forte, there is so much to enjoy in Whistler Village.

Whatever brings you to Whistler, be it the mountain sports or the friendly locals, you’re sure to love it. Even waking up to the scenic mountains and glacier-fed lakes is something that anyone could find joy in. Once you visit, you’re sure to ponder making a permanent move to Whistler.

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