Where should I purchase my wholesale women’s fashion clothes?

Suppliers are veritably important to the success of our business, especially the wholesale business. Clothing is a good order in terms of e-commerce or online stores, because compared with other orders, the monopoly of the apparel assiduity will be fairly weak. People, especially women, may have fully different tastes. That’s your chance.

For entrepreneurs, what’s your donation to the apparel wholesale business? This is the key to your success. Suppose of the simplest wholesale model, you only need to buy apparel from a supplier and vend the products to guests. So what’s the biggest test for you? I suppose there are two crucial points.

First, you need to target your guests. You should understand the characteristics of your guests, including where they live, their age range, their purchasing power, what they like, etc. These will determine what kind of apparel you’ll vend, and also you can find dependable and suitable suppliers. The test then’s your capability to choose. Choose what they like, first of all what makes you different from others, that is, your taste.

Alternate, your marketing capability. How to recommend your apparel to guests and make them want to buy. Generally you can use social media, facebook, instagram, youtube, etc. Videotape display is a good way to display fashion products, similar as apparel and jewelry. In any case, this is also an important point that makes you different from others.

You may know some large wholesale websites like Alibaba. Of course, this does not just apply to apparel. Generally it requires a minimal order volume and no products in stock. You need to communicate with the supplier to confirm the MOQ and price, and also place the order. Payment is generally made by bank transfer or letter of credit. After the product is completed, the products will be transported by air or ocean. On Alibaba, the price of each item is cheaper, but you have to order in large amounts, which may be thousands of particulars. Overall, Alibaba is more suitable for large trading companies. Whether it’s price or client service, it isn’t veritably friendly to small wholesalers.

Recommend a professional apparel wholesale platform – FondMart. It isn’t an information display platform, but a supplier. You don’t need to communicate with different suppliers.

Compared with other wholesale platforms, I recommend other reasons.

First of all, FondMart specializes in wholesale apparel, so it’s further professional in apparel products. It’s one of the suppliers of well- known brands similar as Shein and Simplee. Their products are formerly veritably popular,like plus size swimwear wholesale which will save you a lot of time for selection.

Second, indeed if FondMart is a wholesale clothing platform, it doesn’t bear MOQ. You can buy one piece at wholesale price. It bundles all products into one package to save your transportation costs.

The third is accessible and fast communication. As we all know, communication takes time. Generally, you can use their free app to automate all the processes.However, transportation, after- deals, If you do encounter problems with ordering., you can communicate your one-to-one client service director. She knows your situation veritably well, so she can help break your problem snappily. Or you can call her directly. Their director is good at spoken English.

  1. Marker customization service.However, also they give marker customization services, If you want to make your own brand. Not only markers, but also hang markers, packaging bags, etc. For wholesalers, it’s veritably necessary to establish their own brand, which will help expand your business.

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