Who is Liable For Damage Caused By a Dog Bite in Salem?

The majority of animals never attack unless they perceive danger, but sadly, not all are responsible pet parents. No canine breed is inherently “vicious,” but if it has received improper training, violence, or neglect, it may attack. More frequently than not, the owner’s negligence or carelessness is to blame when a dog bites or attacks a stranger. If you have been recently bitten or attacked by a dog, reach out to a Salem personal injury attorney

Liable party: 

According to the state’s general statutes, the owner of a violent dog may be held strictly accountable for any harm or damage the dog does to a person, property, or another animal. No matter what the defendant’s intention or state of mind is, strict liability holds them accountable for the results of their acts.

According to state law, a dangerous dog has killed or seriously injured a person without justification or has been deemed potentially dangerous by the county or municipal animal control authority. 

These factors include biting someone who suffered broken bones, disfiguring gashes, needing hospitalisation, or undergoing cosmetic surgery. It also includes approaching a person terrifyingly with an obvious attitude of attack while off the dog owner’s land and killing or badly harming a domestic animal while off the dog owner’s property. 

The landlord might also be held accountable if you got hurt while on rented property. A portion of your financial compensation may be anticipated from the landlord if they knew or should have known that another renter owned a dangerous dog.

Owner’s responsibility:

Owners of aggressive dogs are compelled by state law to take preventative measures. It is prohibited for a dog owner to leave a dangerous dog unattended on their premises unless the animal is kept inside. It’s also against the law for a dog owner to let a dangerous dog go free without a collar, a protective muzzle, or some other form of reliable restraint.

Common dog bite injuries:

Aggressive dogs can badly injure people, especially younger children. Dangerous dogs can bite and inflict serious injuries that may necessitate hospitalisation and lengthy medical care for bone fractures, tissue damage, nerve damage, blood vessel damage, severe lacerations, and puncture wounds from dog bites.

Final thoughts:

Finding the best legal representation for your case is the first step in the litigation phase of a dog bite. A Salem personal injury attorney can identify who owns the dog and who should be held accountable while also investigating all possible insurance coverage options.

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