Why dates are consume in Muslim religion?

There are a wide variety of dates available all over the world but the best ones are from Saudi Arabia. They are found in a wide range of blacking, brownish and golden in color and in different shapes round oval elongated. Some of them have a very sweet texture, some do not. Most of them are very much sweet but some of them are less sweet so there is wide variety of dates available in different aspects 

You have commonly seen that dates are consume all over the world but it is mostly consume by Muslim families there is a reason behind it well some dates in Islam considered as the holy dates and have great description about that in their holy books so there is also a spiritual aspect as well along with great taste and flavour 

Muslim families consume dates in general and mainly of festival they stock up the dates weeks before Ramazan so that they can make different dishes from it and in some families it is a tradition to break their fast by having dates and they also initiates their fat by eating dates in the morning. 

It also has been proved there are numerous benefits of having dates as it provides you strength, stamina and good health 

Along with such there are so many reasons behind consuming the dates in Muslim religion such as.

In their holy book dates have been mentioned most of the time than any other fruit and nut. Ajwa dates benefits are observed by people when they start consuming it in a month. 

Along with such there are also some health benefits mentioned that dates have numerous health benefits It provides you internal Strength and it is also a saying that those who consume seven Ajwa dates per day in the morning will be safe from any poison. 

As dates consists of so many vitamins and rich in minerals inside it along with so many active components and anti- oxidant properties it provides your body proper nourishment and also strengthen your functions and it is also a saying in Islam indeed in dates there is a cure 

It reduces the Digestive issues, heart disorders as it is rich source of fibre , it is also suggested for diabetics patients but in certain quantity , it is good for Muscle Strengthening as it is rich source of protein ,good for skin and improve less red blood cells count and also calms brain stress and improve brain function 

It also prevents the tooth decay 

According to spiritual books of Islam it is also suggested for pregnant ladies to reduce the discomfort and pain during labour by reducing the muscle crams and resulting in less painful delivery. Ajwa khajoor can be consumed by everyone in the family, not just pregnant women. 

It is also mentioned that in Islam you should have to break your fast by consuming dates you will be more blessed 

So these are so of the reason why dates are mainly consume in Islam religion and why they are considered as the holy dates 

But always remember it should be consumed in appropriate quantities. 

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