Why Do Women Love Wearing Waist Beads?

Waist Beads are a body jewelry that women tie on their waist. The tradition of wearing waist beads came from ancient Egypt and African countries but today, the waist beads are popular among millions of women across all over world.

The women in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries wear at least one set of African waist beads throughout their life. On the other hand, many women in western countries consider waist beads as a fashion jewelry that they wear occasionally and not 24×7 like African women.

Why Do Women Love Wearing Waist Beads?

It is interesting to know why so many women prefer to wear waist beads in their routine life. The African women wear waist beads as a part of their tradition, while other women prefer to wear waist beads for body awareness, weight management, looking attractive and other purposes. Now, I will explain different reasons for which women love wearing waist beads.

#1. Attraction and Sensuality:

Women with waist beads around their waistline look more attractive to men. I have talked to many African women about waist beads and they have confessed that their partners find them more attractive and seductive with the waist beads.

When a woman wears waist beads around her midsection, she automatically grabs most men’s attention. The African waist beads tied on a woman’s body make her look more sensual compared to other women without waist beads.

#2. Body Awareness and Body Shaping:

Almost all women are conscious about their body shape and posture. The waist beads help such women to keep awareness about their body and keep the body in an ideal shape. The waist beads are tied firmly around the waist so that the wearer (woman) stay aware about her body all the time.

The women need to wear African waist beads firmly on their waistline. The waist beads keep control over their stomach & waist area, they also push the excess fat downwards to make the waist smaller and increase hips to give them a beautiful body shape.

#3. Weight Management and Weight Loss:

The waist beads are also useful for weight management. The women who want to keep control on their body weight, prefer to wear African waist beads on daily basis. The waist beads stay firmly on their waist and don’t stretch when their waist & stomach expands due to weight gain.

The women, seeking weight loss, often choose waist beads to get a reminder about their goal. The waist beads also help to control appetite to prevent overeating and improve digestion system.

#4. Intimacy and Fertility:

The African culture has stated many hidden benefits of waist beads that African women have already experienced. The women with African waist beads in a specific color-combination feel more intimacy with their partners.

Some African waist beads are especially designed for women seeking to get pregnant. Such waist beads boost fertility to increase the chances of conceiving for a woman when she makes love with her partner.

#5. Healing, Peace and Spirituality:

Many women wear African waist beads for self-healing purposes. The waist beads provide healing in physical, emotional and spiritual conflicts. Not only that, many women feel more peaceful and positive when the waist beads are tied on their body.

The African waist beads provide healing, peace, wisdom, harmony, insight, intuition and spiritual growth. The women seeking spiritual guidance, prefer to wear waist beads and they also get a better experience during meditation for self-realization.

So, these are some reasons for which most women love wearing waist beads in their routine life. The African waist beads provide amazing benefits to improve the quality of your life, so you should get your desired waist beads and start wearing them.


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