Why offer personalized keychains to promote your service business?

At trade fairs or commercial events, you want to please visitors and potential customers. To make them discover your brand, have you thought about personalized key rings? These goodies are ideal support to optimize the promotion of your service company. Discover in this article the advantages of these advertising objects, undeniable assets of a successful marketing strategy.

Promote your service business with original keyrings

Free advertising items, also called goodies, have become essential vectors of communication. Do you want to promote your service company and find new customers? Offering items printed in your colors is a winning approach. Personalized key rings are popular corporate gifts. 

Why? Because they are simple, useful and practical objects. We all have a keychain, which we handle several times a day. If it displays your logo or message, you have plenty of opportunities to promote your service business. Adapt the model to your brand identity: usb key holder for an it service provider company, wooden or cork keyrings to convey eco-responsible values, polished metal acrylic charm for design and sustainable communication, etc.

Order simple and effective goodies online

How to create these goodies in your image? Nothing’s easier. Online stores like higift make it easy to order the corporate gifts you need. This innovative supplier offers you a wide range of products that comply with european regulations. Thanks to these promotional items, you will promote your brand image and create a unique bond with your customers by supporting them in their daily lives. Your logo or your message, present before their eyes every day, will remain etched in their memory.

Choosing the right goodies for a lasting advertising message

To be effective, an advertising object must:

  • Be original and aesthetic;
  • Display a good image of the brand via a logo, a clear message or graphics;
  • Be useful and simple for everyday use;
  • Be able to be taken everywhere;
  • Circulate from one person to another to increase the visibility of the company.
  • Higift guarantees you the best service during and after the purchase. An automatic calculator allows you to evaluate the quantity adapted to your needs and your budget. Choose your model and test print your logo online. You will thus create a unique gift for your customers, guaranteeing a quality emotional and commercial bond.

Display positive values ​​to convert future customers

Distributing promotional items to your customers is a sign of generosity. You thus convey positive values ​​and develop the customer experience. Visitors who met at a trade show, an event, or during your prospecting will keep a symbolic memory of your company. They will be able to contact you easily to benefit from your services and become loyal customers. A good corporate gift should be original, but simple. The keyring is therefore an ideal object to promote your brand to an ever-increasing number of potential customers.

As you can see, personalized goodies or promotional items are the media of choice for promoting your service business. Offer a corporate gift to your prospects, customers, or employees. You strengthen your notoriety and display authentic values: generosity, sharing, proximity, and recognition. Go to higift to create an original and unique key ring now, the essential ally of your marketing strategy.

Frequently asked questions about personalized keychains

Why buy personalized promotional keyrings?

A personalized promotional keychain is one of the most practical and functional objects that exist. At garrampa we are clear: the most effective promotional items for a company or a brand are the most useful, such as our personalized flashlight keychains, those that have daily use and daily visibility. 

The more useful the custom keychains and customer finds the promotional item, the more impressions and brand loyalty it will generate. And there’s nothing more useful or ubiquitous than a key ring. In addition to keeping our keys close at hand, a personalized key ring allows us to keep small objects that are used on a daily basis nearby. A clear example is the model of a keychain with a led flashlight or a keychain with a bottle opener.

How to buy promotional keyrings?

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when selecting the right keychain for your promotion. In addition to finding the right keychain for your business or event, it’s important to consider the size of the keychain. Although many people have started carrying their keys on carabiners, belt clips, and lanyards, most of your customers will continue to carry theirs in pockets and bags. 

A bulky or bulky key ring, like the one used for stress relief, can be too bulky for a pocket and end up in a drawer where it won’t be of any use for your promotion. In the same way, the weight of the key fob must be taken into account, which will not only travel with the user but will also be suspended in contact with the car.

Which models of inexpensive promotional keyrings do you recommend?

At garrampa, you have many options for cheap personalized promotional keyrings to choose from! We offer logo acrylic keychain available in different materials, to help customers choose the model that best suits their needs. 

For starters, plastic keychains are ideal for customers who want to get cheap personalized keychains to give away to their customers on special occasions. On the other hand, metal keychains are very versatile and refined and the vast majority are multi-function keychains (like bottle opener keychains for weddings).

What types of business key fobs do you have?

We have different types of personalized advertising key rings. To begin with, the metal keyrings, are a very resistant, useful, and universal promotional item. In addition, the various examples of metal keychains (such as our range of engraved bottle opener keychains) are very elegant. For this reason, it is an amazing promotional giveaway as a wedding giveaway, executive giveaway, and employee reward. And it is that our key rings are unique.

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