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Japan is a rather closed and distinct island state, and finding work there from another country has previously been very problematic. But times are changing, and globalization has not spared Japan. Recently, people from all over the world had the opportunity to come to work in Japan, and many people had rushed to take advantage of that opportunity. It is also a proud nation of its citizens, who are a highly skilled and productive workforce. It is a known fact that the citizens of this country work very hard and often this work is well paid. 

This should be taken into account for those who want to work in Japan, as these people will have to work hard to work at the same level as the local population and receive the corresponding salary. The dream of working in Japan today is not only from poor countries, but also from well-off Western countries. One of the main reasons is a decent salary and excellent working conditions. And even though it’s hard enough for people from other countries to get used to local work at the beginning, they work on very good terms, which more than covers all the disadvantages. 

What jobs could expatriates obtain in Japan?

First and foremost, local governments are trying to provide jobs to local people and citizens, because Japan is a very dense country and every inhabitant should be as efficient as possible and work for the good of the country. But the local population is not always sufficient to meet the demand for labour. Therefore, employers are happy to employ outsiders.

  • Work in Japan for foreigners can be found in various sectors of the economy. It can also be a job for people with a diploma and qualification, with a sufficiently high salary and good working conditions. It can be about such vacancies as: a doctor, an engineer, a physiotherapist, a nurse, an architect, a restorer, a sales manager, a designer, an economist, an accountant etc. Such vacancies are most often offered by various international companies, and you have to have a really high level of qualification to work for them.
  • But there is an area with a much higher vacancy rate, and that is the service industry. It includes hotel and restaurant business, home staff, office workers. This area can offer such jobs as a stevedore, driver, delivery man, janitor, office boy, builder, construction assistant, cashier, barista, waiter, salesman, etc. No special education is required to fill such vacancies, as in most cases it is not necessary for work. But good skills and work experience will be needed. Some permits are also required for certain vacancies, such as a driver’s licence. 

I’m not going to talk about unskilled labor because it’s very dangerous to work in an illegal job. In addition, the law was strictly enforced, and illegal workers could be fined exorbitantly or imprisoned altogether. 

What’s the salary in Japan?

The official lowest wage in Japan is equal to $8 an hour. This is an average because individual regions of a country are authorized to set their own rates. Moreover, the level of the minimum wage varies according to the area in which a person works. The highest salaries are found in Tokyo,  Kanagawa and Osaka, and the average monthly earnings in these regions are equivalent to about $1,455. The average wage in Japan in 2021 is about $2,900, and after paying taxes, the employee is left with about $2,300. It’s all in United States dollars, but Japan has its own currency – the Japanese yen.

What are the demands on those who want a job in Japan?

  • The main requirement for any worker in this country is knowledge of English, because you have to work with people who know only Japanese and English. You have to know English well enough to live a good life until you learn the local language – Japanese – at a level where you can communicate with people. 
  • You should know Japanese too. And to know and understand the simplest phrases, and to be able to have at least the simple dialogues that you might have while working in Japan. That’s enough to start with. It’s an official language and a local language, so you have to know it as well as English. Without knowing these languages, you are unlikely to be able to get a job in Japan.
  • In Japan, as in any other country, a special visa is absolutely necessary for work. It is a requirement for legal employment. This visa is issued after you have found the job you need and have agreed with your employer on your employment. 

Can you find a job in Japan on your own?

Yes, and in order to find her, you need to have access to the Internet and a little time. Official sources with vacancies could be closed to people from other countries, but there were also special websites on which employers who were willing to employ a person from any country posted vacancies. These are sites like Layboard. They are open and accessible to anyone.

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