Best Early AT&T Deals For 2020 Black Friday

As 2020 comes to a close, a lot of people are planning to spend the holiday season with friends and relatives. After not being able to see family and friends for what felt like an eternity, we’re pretty sure that the Christmas gift wish lists are going to be extremely long! This is where Black Friday is coming to the rescue. Major retailers such as AT&T are planning to deliver their BIGGEST BLACK FRIDAY Offers yet. More than 160 million Americans shopped over the Black Friday weekend last year with this year’s version of this shopping holiday quickly approaching, we predict even more shoppers vying for these this year’s must-have technology.

AT&T, in particular, has been known in recent years to give customers some pretty nice offers over the Black Friday weekend, such as free phones for those who sign up to their unlimited plans. With such offers, shoppers need to plan accordingly, to make the most of every dollar. If last year’s deals are a measure of things to come, this year’s AT&T deals sound like they’re mouth-watering. Seasoned shoppers are torn whether to wait for Black Friday or to make some early purchases. Fortunately, we have a definitive solution to this conundrum, consumers should start shopping early because this year, Black Friday is spread over a much longer period. AT&T often makes it a point to give consumer’s great deals all year round, there are always eye-catching offers on their official website at any one time.

Is there a BLACK FRIDAY in 2020?

Yeah, there’s going to be a Black Friday in 2020. It’s a reasonable question to see that we’re still in the thick of a global pandemic, and even though sanctions are relaxed and most economic activity has resumed, some people might still not feel safe. Please be vigilant when venturing to shop malls and observing all social distancing protocols. If you’re afraid to be in overcrowded malls, try doing all Black Friday shopping online.

This year is big for tech junkies because, not one, not two, but five new models of iPhone have been released. This means we expect some really good deals to be available

Why buy a phone on Black Friday

One of the hardest times to know if you are making the right decision about purchasing before you put cash down is when you buy a Black Friday phone. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, however, so I’ve put together some fast tips on how to make sure that the killer phone deal is a deal.

If you’ve been hoping to pick up a new phone, rest easy: Black Friday phone deals have arrived. This year’s Black Friday phone deals will give you a serious discount on new devices, from cheap phones to top flagships, like the much-awaited iPhone 12 deals. With price cuts on old and new Apple and Samsung phones, we’re on track for some great Black Friday phone offers this year. Here are some great examples:

  • Save up to 50% on the latest Apple iPhones at AT&T – check the latest deals on the iPhone 12, 11 Pro & Pro Max, iPhone XS.
  • Save up to 50% on the latest Apple iPhones at AT&T – check the latest deals on the iPhone 12, 11 Pro & Pro Max, iPhone XS.

Although Black Friday itself will not officially happen until November 27, AT&T Wireless Black Friday Deals have already gone live, so scroll down for discounts that we’ve found from both carriers and unlocked retailers, particularly if the recent AT&T deals are anything to go by

Of course, mobile phones are only one of the many types of high-tech products that will be on sale on Black Friday.

Samsung Galaxy devices can also see some especially good price cuts, not just because the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is here, but also because the regular S20 and S20 Plus versions will be well over 6 months old when Black Friday hits this year. We might also see some great Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals coming in November, not least because the initial wave of pre-order offers is over and we’ve already seen some price cuts in October.

Why we are anticipating AT&T Deals

If you wanted to get a discount on one of Apple’s famous smartphones this time last year, the most you could do was get up to $500 off. But this year, you will get some of the new versions free of charge in the form of credits added to your monthly bills of service—savings of more than a thousand dollars, in some cases.

From what we’ve seen so far, you’ll save the most money by going straight to your wireless carrier—dealers like Walmart and Best Buy are making just-OK offers, AT&T can easily beat them with their stellar packages for trade-ins and/or new line activations. Also, note that unlocked iPhones are few and far between—we couldn’t find any of them on sale apart from the iPhone 8, which came out back in 2017.

Worthwhile tips

Be sure to check the prices of the phone you intend to buy because, particularly during Black Friday, some retailers steadily jack up the prices of items they know would sell well if marketed, and then when they give up that “massive discount,” it turns out you’re not getting the big deal on your purchase. Very few items are as difficult to forecast on this front as phones, which can often drop prices by hundreds of dollars just months after the launch.

This is why recommend buying from retailers such as AT&T because their Black Friday deals give a fair reflection of tangible discounts offered to existing and new clients. For added discounts, be sure to use websites such as Slickdeals, you will be able to get promo codes and discounts upwards of 40% off the retail price.

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