5 Great Restaurants in Cincinnati

Going to a high-quality restaurant is a fantastic way to spend an evening. Not only do you get to eat amazing food, but your dishes and the restaurant’s atmosphere will likely be beautifully designed, turning your restaurant visit into a great experience. One city with a blossoming restaurant scene is Cincinnati, a city that you might not have expected to be so involved in the food world. So if you just purchased one of the Cincinnati houses for sale and are looking to experience the budding food scene in the Queen City, where should you start? Here are five great restaurants that you should visit in Cincinnati.

The Melting Pot

When looking for a high-end restaurant, you want to find someplace that goes above and beyond expectations. The Melting Pot does exactly that, being one of the best upscale restaurants in Cincinnati. The restaurant lives up to its namesake by serving a giant melting pot of fondue to your table. Many courses are then brought out for you to use with the fondue, including dishes such as fresh salads, tasty entrees, and delicious desserts. You get to choose exactly what dishes you want and how many courses you would like to use with your fondue. Finally, you can wash everything down with a fantastic selection of wine and craft beers. The Melting Pot provides a unique and interactive dining experience for guests and should definitely be considered one of the great restaurants of Cincinnati.


If you’re into Italian food, then Sotto is likely the perfect destination for you. The restaurant describes itself as a rustic Italian restaurant, which is a perfect description. While other high-end restaurants may use tricks and gimmicks to make their food and atmosphere better, Sotto sticks with the classics. However, even though Sotto’s techniques may not be extremely elaborate, the food is still absolutely delicious. The restaurant serves up tasty traditional Italian entrees while offering a smattering of delectable desserts. Of course, a rustic Italian restaurant wouldn’t be complete without an extensive selection of wines, something Sotto certainly has covered. If you want classic Italian food, Sotto is one of the best places to get it in the Queen City.

Orchids at Palm Court

A five-diamond restaurant is regarded as a world-class restaurant that provides guests with an unforgettable experience. Five-diamond restaurants have some of the best chefs in the world using the finest ingredients, resulting in masterful dishes. Orchids at Palm Court is the only AAA five-diamond restaurant in the entire state of Ohio, and it is located in Cincinnati. Orchids at Palm Court certainly lives up to its reputation, serving a diverse array of world-class dishes that will absolutely make your mouth water. Many of the dishes that Orchids at Palm Court serve are extremely complex, being unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Not to mention that the restaurant’s atmosphere is one of a kind, making you feel like you’re truly enjoying high-class dining.


If you want to try something new and bold for your restaurant visit, then Please is likely the best option in Cincinnati. The restaurant is fairly new, but it has quickly grown into one of the top restaurants in the Queen City. Over time Please has successfully adapted, introducing new dishes and flavors to the menu. Many of the bold new dishes that Please has been pushing out have been huge hits, elevating the restaurant to high-end status. Now, Please is something much more than a quirky restaurant that you can go to for a nice change of pace, as the restaurant can offer you some of the best food in Cincinnati. Even if you’re not someone who typically enjoys bold new flavors, you’ll still likely end up loving Please’s amazing dishes.


Another great Italian restaurant in the Queen City is Nicola’s. Although Sotto focuses on more traditional Italian cooking, Nicola pushes the limit with more contemporary and modern Italian dishes. Nicola’s is constantly exploring new avenues to tackle traditional dishes, leading to some beautifully creative dishes. The restaurant has also been a part of the Cincinnati food scene for quite some time, being a high-end restaurant for over two decades. Nicola’s combines a critically acclaimed menu with a fantastic atmosphere and award-winning service, creating one of the best restaurants in the Cincinnati area.
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