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Unlike traditional publishers, who will provide an editor and proofreader, find out some companies will also design, print, and market the book for you. Before you submit your manuscript, however, you should consider your publisher’s policies. Some of them may have a higher standard of quality than others, so you’ll have to make sure you choose one with these qualities. They are an imprint of LifeWay Christian Resources and have a diverse author roster. This company focuses on publishing books that help readers develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. Although indie authors cannot submit directly to B and H, they do make exceptions for those who have a good agent. These indie authors will need an agent who will help them with the submission process.

It’s a division of the United Methodist Publishing House, and its mission is to reach across denominational boundaries. You don’t have to be a Methodist to submit a manuscript to this company, and the submission process includes a brief description of your book’s topic, an outline of its contents, a bio, and a minimum of two sample chapters. Another option is Barnes & Noble, which is similar to mindstir media but also maintains brick-and-mortar locations. While Barnes & Noble doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts, it is still a great place to begin. The company offers both self-publishing and digital downloads. 

Best Christian Book Publisher’s Here

This Christian book publisher will only accept manuscripts that have been solicited by an agent. Its diversity is a good sign for the potential of your manuscript. For instance, the Moody Bible Institute has hundreds of titles in the Christian fiction genre. You may want to consider Moody. It’s a great choice for a Christian book publisher. Christian book publishers have become a vital part of the publishing industry. Faith-based books tend to do well in the market, and they outperform the rest of the publishing industry. For example, the Moody Bible Institute published the first textbook in 1894. While a Christian book publisher may not be the right fit for you, it can help you get your book published. 

A Christian publisher will also help you build your author profile. A Christian book publisher will help you develop your brand. A professional author should avoid mistakes that will hamper their chances of being accepted. Always choose a Christian book publisher with an excellent reputation. When choosing a Christian book publisher, you should consider the following things. 

Choosing a Christian book publisher is important for you and your book. Make sure to choose a Christian publisher with the right reputation and good reviews. The best publisher should be one who specializes in the genre and audience that you are writing for. Nevertheless, it is important to be selective. Rather, you must strive to avoid them.

A-List of the Best Christian Book Publishers in the USA

These include self-help, devotionals, and Christian living. There are also fiction, suspense, fantasy, and romance books. These publishers’ help authors and writers write books that will encourage readers and glorify Jesus Christ and His kingdom. In addition, they are an excellent source of publishing opportunities for those who write in the Christian genre.

Moody Publishers is another top Christian publisher with a large catalog. This company was founded in 1894 and is one of the largest in the country. Part of the Moody Bible Institute, Moody Publishers gives back to the Moody Bible Institute. It also publishes popular Christian living/self-help titles. However, it is notable that it doesn’t accept unsolicited manuscripts. For example, the Beaming Books series includes children’s titles on faith, kindness, and building self-esteem. The publisher’s website provides a list of books they’ve published. This makes it a great place to submit your manuscript.

Lighthouse Christian Publishing doesn’t state explicitly whether it accepts unsolicited manuscripts, but they do encourage submitting manuscripts through their online contact form. This major Christian publisher is also open to unsolicited proposals. Beaming Books covers subjects like kindness, faith, and building self-esteem. The publishers don’t publish novels, but they publish non-fiction books that focus on biblical themes. The best christian publishers in the USA are as follows:

  • MindStir Media
  • Xulon Press
  • WestBow Press
  • Covenant Books
  • MasterPress

They have more than a thousand titles in circulation and sell to venues all over the world. They have a professional literary agent and also meet prospective authors at writing conferences. The publisher accepts unsolicited manuscripts submitted through professional submission services. If you’re a writer who is considering becoming a Christian writer, there are several companies in the USA that publish books by well-known authors.

Crossway Publishing: This not-for-profit publishing company was founded by Clyde Dennis in 1938. They publish gospel- and Bible-centered content. Their works have impacted millions of readers worldwide. They also invest heavily in digital media, offering their books in eBook and video formats. These companies are the best-known among Christian publishers.

B and H Publishing: This Christian publishing company has a large author base and a diverse list of titles. The goal of the company is to promote books that help readers develop a stronger faith and life-long relationship with Jesus Christ. Innovo Publishing: This UK-based publisher specializes in conservative Christian-based titles, and does not publish books that defame the Bible.

Lighthouse Publishing: The Carolinas-based publisher is primarily focused on fiction, and reaches readers who like clean fiction. Though it is a Christian publishing company, it is not the sole option for authors. They may consider themselves Christians but their books do not necessarily include a spiritual narrative. A Christian author who sells well with their books will likely use a ghostwriter. A good agent will help him navigate the complicated process of distributing their works.

Christian publishing companies: These are the two main types of Christian publishing companies. For example, the Herald Press imprint has recently published a sci-fi novel, and they are currently seeking material from authors with an Anabaptist perspective. If you’re writing fiction, you might want to try a Mennonite or Anabaptist perspective.

Moody Publishing: This Christian publishing company publishes approximately 75 new titles each year. They also publish books about Christian living. This company is renowned for its award-winning fiction. You can choose the right publisher based on your genre of choice. If you’re looking for a more traditional Christian publishing company, look no further. The following three companies are among the top-rated in the industry.

The Bottom Lines

A Christian book publisher should be able to promote your books and help you establish your brand. Unlike traditional publishers, Christian book publishers can help you build a strong author base by working with diverse authors. While most Christian book publishers will only accept manuscripts submitted by an agent, it is important to keep in mind that they have a very strict policy regarding the submission of indie authors. The Christian publishing company that you choose should be able to promote your book in a positive way and help you establish a lasting relationship with your reader.

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