Does My Dog Need a Winter Coat?

Are you a dog parent that sometimes wonders whether their pooch might need a winter jacket or not? Well, the simple answer is that IT DEPENDS. Not all breeds are built the same in terms of warmth and circulation, and it is important to identify which fellow pups may actually require a winter (or even daily) coat.

So, if you are thinking about getting your dog a winter coat, it might be best to learn which pets may need the extra layer or not.

Which Types of Dogs Need Coats in the Winter?

Different dog breeds need special protection in the winter. These are dogs with short, thin, and fine coats. Also, dogs with dark or light-colored fur will need a winter coat more than dogs with black fur. Often times, some dogs may suffer from alopecia X, a progressive hair loss condition common in breeds like Pomeranians, causing them to get cold easily as they progressively lose their hair over time, eventually requiring a daily outfit to keep them warm as they gradually lose almost all of their fur. 

What If My Dog is a Mix?

Even mixed dogs of all sorts experience the cold! Despite being mixed, genetic hair loss traits and conditions can still be passed down to their puppies, so it’s definitely a plus to know your dog’s needs when choosing the perfect dog coat. This is because not all dogs will grow up with the same hair length and texture. Knowing these sorts of details can help you find one that will much better suit your pet. 

How to determine if your dog needs a jacket?

You need to consider your dog size, breed, fur type, and outside temperature to determine if they need it or not. Here are 3 tips to help you determine when a dog should or shouldn’t wear a winter jacket:

Small Dogs

Miniature and teacup dog breeds simply get notoriously cold, and even more so in the winter or certain environments. Just because they are really small doesn’t mean that their body temperature doesn’t drop when it’s cold outside. Also, miniature dogs have thin fur and grow slower than other breeds, so they definitely get a lot colder even faster than other dog breeds. Therefore, small breeds like the Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Maltese, etc., will need to be protected from the cold weather and need winter jackets.

Dogs with Plenty of fur

Dogs with long hair like Husky, Great Pyrenees, and chows don’t need winter coats on a strict basis. Their thick fur and long hair help them stay warm from the cold wind and weather.

Outside temperature and time length

The outside temperature and time length are also the main important factors to consider to decide if your dog needs a winter coat. If the temperature is more than 45 degrees, most dogs, especially the larger breeds, won’t require protective clothing (unlike some of us humans!). Also, if you are just going outside for a few minutes, you won’t need to bring your dog anything as they can physiologically tolerate such conditions. However, more extreme conditions (i.e. 0 degrees), a winter coat is a definite no-brainer. On the other hand, many older, arthritic dogs with decreased mobility (and, therefore blood circulation and warmth) may greatly benefit from a warm puffer coat as they can easily feel uncomfortable, cold, and unhappy throughout the day without one! 

Final thoughts…

There are different levels of coats, and it depends on your dog what type of coat you will need. Most importantly, choose the right size and make sure that it best suits your pooch’s needs. Also, if you are looking for the best dog coats, look no further than Overcoat 4 pets, highly renowned for its premium puffer coats, originally designed for an adopted fellow canine family member with alopecia with warmth, comfort, and style in mind. Get your pooch the warmth and comfort they deserve today! 

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