The stereotypes that have governed the world of fashion have gone – no longer are men and women and everything in between confined to the diktats of society norms. Instead, they have the freedom and language to express what they want, how they want.

Bringing the catwalk to the street

The catwalk has always been a place where experimentation was well received among those in the know. Today though that experimentation is becoming more and more ‘de rigeur’ in everyday life. Individuality is not only being accepted, but celebrated. Those who dare to be different, even if being different is actually simply expressing who they are all along, are finding that their voices are being heard, rather than muffled by what was previously known as ‘the normal’.

Whether it is through fashion, jewellery, make up, hairstyles – daring to be different is actually becoming the norm. 

Look at your layering

Your choice of jewellery is a case in point. There is little to differentiate between how men and women want to, and indeed should, wear their chains. What’s important is that the look they are aiming for – whether a single simple loop, or a layering up of multi lengths and thicknesses – reflects who they are, how they see themselves, and how they want other people to see them. 

There are no hard and fast rules. What works for one individual may not work for another. And that is fine. Not having any rules to break can give a staggering amount of freedom that is not always right for everyone, and there are some who may prefer to stick to the rigidity of the usual norms – and that’s ok as well. 

Follow the rules to break the rules

The only rule is to experiment. And only by getting it wrong can you know how you can find your own style.

Combine lots of different necklace styles and lengths. Sometimes it’s the contrasting ones that work better than those that match, in the purest sense of the word. 

Think about what you are wearing. If you have a fussy neckline, then layering might not be the best option as it will just add to the overall fussiness. 

And don’t feel that you have to match metals either – a rose gold chain will look just as good with a leather braid, or a pewter medallion, or a sterling silver clasp. 

Creating a cascade

A cascade effect when layering necklaces allows you to showcase each piece both individually, and as part of the group. A downside of cascading is that the necklaces can get tangled up together, which is both frustrating and time consuming, as untangling chains can often be a laborious task. Creating a cascade effect can actually help to prevent tangling, ensuring that the different levels remain distinct from each other. 

Layering up the wrist

Layering, or ‘stacking’ bracelets is a similar approach to layering necklaces. Again, there are no hard or fast rules – simply create a look that reflects who you are as a person, and what you want to convey. 

Often a watch is the focal point of a stack of bracelets – and the bracelets are chosen to set off the colours, design and quality of the watch itself. Despite the fact that many people now no longer wear watches as the time is always there on your smartphone, this has is no way diminished the role of the watch in fashion – if anything, it has made it all the more important. Choosing your bracelet stack to showcase your designer watch is the ultimate statement whatever your gender.

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